Regeneration Physiotherapy
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About Regeneration Physiotherapy

Regeneration Physiotherapy are trying to do things differently. At Regen Physio our goal is to raise the standard of physiotherapy available to the public through supportive team collaboration, the use of innovative technologies and state of the art rehabilitation facilities. Since 2019 we have grown from just the two clinical directors, to an MDT – 
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Our Vision

Three members of The Regen Physio team taking a client through a rehabilitation exercise in the gym
At Regen Physio, we are striving to build a business that is completely opposite to what the UK has come to expect from a Physio practice; a private practice with huge brand awareness, strong principles tailored to 'providing the best', a practice which is always consistent and attracts new clients and staff, based on shared values, boasts impeccable client and staff retention, and is capable of going beyond bringing success stories to individuals, but can build success stories for communities too.

Our Treatment Approach

A thorough and comprehensive assessment with a clear diagnosis, made simple for all stakeholders to understand in order to achieve buy-in to the treatment plan. Our therapists are skilled in manual therapy including soft tissue massage, myofascial release, osteopathic joint manipulation, cupping, IASTM and acupuncture, blended with the use of latest technologies such as Shockwave Therapy & COMPEX Neuromuscular stimulation. We combine this with the delivery of rehabilitation programmes utilising our onsite gym facilities in order to ensure that our clients can achieve their physical goals, whether that's an Olympic medal or walking the dog pain free!

The Regen Team

Our team
A photo from our annual Xmas conference in 2021 at the Leeds Marriot Hotel. Each year we do a Regen Conference. During the day we do team training and CPD, and in the evening we have an all expenses paid overnight stay in a central Leeds hotel with a 3 course meal. We also have a 'summer social'. To find out what its like to be part of our team, check out our reviews and follow the team on social media.

Staff Social Events

Regular in-service CPD and staff social events