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Why did you leave your job at Royal Mail?

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  • I applied for the job as the advertised hours were 10-3, 25 hours a week and fitted perfectly with school times. After 3 months I can honestly say I did not work the advertised hours even once and some weeks with overtime I did more hours than the full-timers. I was constantly told by colleagues to 'work to your time' but it's not that easy when you're a newbie.
    I expected to have to be a little flexible as there was a pandemic but repeatedly asked managers when the hours would settle and was told the hours were due to 'company needs'. It didn't seem to matter I had two young children at school that needed collecting. Yes, the money was good, especially when working OT or on a Sunday but relying on babysitters/grandparents/school clubs just got too much so I had to quit.

    I have noticed recently that there job adverts seem to be a lot more transparent and mention the need for flexible hours so maybe finally the message is getting through.

  • Bad management and an unfair workload. Basically if you are a good worker you'll get more work to do, if you slack off you'll be expected to do less!

  • I worked for royal mail back in 2000. It was my first job and I loved it. I worked in the sorting office and was top of the game. I wanted to move over to a postal round but was stopped by my manager due to my sorting speed. After numerous arguments about it he let me move over. I loved the postal round even more and started by covering sick and holiday rounds. After almost a year of delivering mail on a bicycle, come rain or shine, I quit. The cause of me quitting was the management. Shocking. Rife with racist comments, sexism and just generally being horrible. I didn't stand for it then, and people wouldn't stand for it now.

  • I have worked for RM for 22 years, progressed from a vehicle technician to a maintenance manager based out of RMF head office in Chesterfield. Over the years due to restructure processes and numerous poor management culture l started suffering with Anxiety/ Depression and stress. I have been categorised and now being disabled, this has led to long term absence. Although RM claim to recognise and are a company that do not discriminate based on disability. Now because of my disability which in my opinion been caused by RM Fleet over the years, l have been pushed down the route of leaving the business due to ill health. After 22 years service l would of expected more and l am extremely hurt by Royal Mail.
    The few modifications to my role , lack of training and reduction of working hours but not work load has lead me to leave RM and l personally believe that they need to review their disability policy.

  • In no uncertain terms do not work for Royal Mail. I could go on and on for reasons as to why but I’d just be repeating what’s already been said. The managers are shocking. They cannot believe you have a social or family life because in their eyes you should be committed to Royal Mail only. Employees who don’t have a back bone get bullied into overtime they really don’t want to do but don’t dare say no so the managers take advantage. I’m sure people outside of the business will soon realise during this coronavirus pandemic how bad they really are. Stay away at all costs.

  • Lack of duty of care from managers especially when dealing with mental health, could never get days off or weekends off when you asked very unorganised horrible place to work.

  • I left my job after 10 years as management insist on bullying you to work over your time for free so they can get bigger bonuses for saving hours. Also during a re-sign they give your job to someone who is less senior than you. So happy to be out of there. If you do your contracted hours then it's good money, unfortunately this wont happen and you'll end up doing 20-25% yoir hours worked for free.

  • Terrible,terrible company to work for.Company does not care one iota about its staff.I have never been so disgusted by an employer in my life.It is clearly obvious,to any normal average intelligence person,that no company that is run so pathetically disgracefully awfully badly,can survive.RIP Royal Mail.Nobody to blame but yourselves.Disgraceful.

  • I was I’ll heath retired after 181/2 years . I had a fall on duty and got signed off on January until 29/6/2019 when Royal Mail decided they no longer wanted me employed with them partly because I put a claim in against them which they didn’t like . So they payed me off saying I wouldn’t be any better after 9mths

  • Management bullying tactics

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