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Depending on which unit you work in it can be pleasant or very difficult

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If you are extremely flexible and don't have much of a life outside of work then this job is great for you. However I've had it on both sides and as I've gotten more of a home life it's become much much harder as SA is harder to negotiate with. You feel like you have to fight for a lot of things such as adjusted rotas. There's nothing financial for loyalty. Staff turnover is high. I've had staff come on for 1 shift and never return because they were not sufficiently warned or trained with how to deal with sometimes challenging Induviduals. While on sick leave I've been asked to come in the next day and have been messaged while at home for shifts. I've been hassled asked until I will get better and guilt tripped to not take the appropriate time to get better. The company does not properly support managers who are struggling for staff and also don't seem to engage enough to get more staff into units and properly trained. The CEO has managed other charities before but has 0 experience with autism and makes the most questionable decisions.
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Rewarding career

I have worked at Scottish Autism for 2 years now. It is a very rewarding job with great support from staff and management. The unit I work is great, I cannot comment on other units having only worked in one. I love my job and think I have selected a good company to join being new to the care sector.


Good management


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Decent job and decent company

Scottish Autism is a fair employer and I am comfortable in my work. I've been here for a few years and seen improvement in pay, training and how the teamwork. We are having staff shortages in our service but this is the same in all care companies and charities. Not having enough care workers is in the news. This means sometimes changed shifts and being asked to cover but I just say no if I can't do it. The autism training= thumbs up. Worked for another care company before with autistic clients but was not until I got trained here that I really understood autism. The pay is similar in most care companies but our pay scale goes a bit higher than most and holidays are generous. Some people are moving on now to other kinds of jobs after covid that may be easier but I am sticking here.


Training- Camaraderie- Working with autistic people (love this)


Shift changes- Not going to get rich
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Rewarding job

I’ve worked as an Autism Practitioner for a few years, things have changed over the years but I find they have changed for the better and it’s a very rewarding job. I have a good relationship with my team and manager who are all supportive.
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I love my job

I enjoy working with my team and the individuals that I support. A very supportive team. I had no experience in care before starting. I now have a SVQ and have done a lot of company training. The shift work is a big thing but it suits me. The hardest part of the job is that it requires a lot of energy all the time. I enjoy seeing how people develop and that they are happy. I used to work in retail and this is much better.
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The worst company to work for

Where do I even start? Management are inexperienced, unprofessional and overall unhelpful. If it doesn’t involve gossiping in their office they are not interested. Go to them with a problem? Unfortunately they cannot do anything about it. This company will willingly put you into shifts and work places that they know are bad for your physical and mental health and do not think twice about it.You will get transferred across the west of Scotland to cover shifts with no regard to travel time, time between your last shift and the beginning of the next, and overall experience, as long as the shift is covered they do not care. On call shifts are constant and you will end up doing 12 hour plus shifts multiple times a month without prior warning. Some services are managed extremely poorly and staff turnover is unbelievable, again, management do not care and don’t take accountability for the turn over. Overall, horrific management, poor organisation, no accountability, high turnover and mediocre wages. Wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy.
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Great place to work

Have worked here for 5 years and really enjoy my work, the culture is good and I feel supported by my manager and my team - it is a really rewarding job.
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An amazing opportunity

I was lucky enough to have an amazing manager and team as well as the most amazing supported individuals. This job has gave me so many amazing opportunities. I always looked forward to going into work. I struggled with a work life balance but that was due to my contracted hours. My manager was extremely supportive and friendly however some other managers not so much. The shifts can be a challenge however every day is different and the good definitely outweighs the bad days. The service users taught me so much and I’m so grateful to have known them, they’ve definitely changed my values and morals positively. Working within a team can be challenging its great for support, help and collaboration however there can be times where it feels like your doing all the work although we all have our off days. The pay isn’t ideal considering how difficult some days can be although the experience made it worthwhile. I’ve loved working here and am grateful for all the lovely people I’ve met.


Supported individuals. Breaks. Emotional support


Long shifts. Can be left on own if understaffed.
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Staff beware

When I first joined Scottish Autism I was extremely impressed with the Person Centred culture that they promoted. This was the case for about 8 years then sadly it became more about the money than the service users. Gone was holiday support and clothing allowance and they restructure was a way to pay staff less for doing the same job as before. The job application went from a small book to a A4 piece of paper and the new employee's had no knowledge of what challenges staff faced. They would put new starts into lone working positions ( that experienced staff would refuse) then make staff feel that if they spoke up they wouldn't pass their probation.Most of the staff are lovely but some of them are terrible and really not nice people. Some of the staff are amazing with the service users but some come bloody close to the line of good/ terrible work practices. Almost every concern raised by the good staff about the bad staff was swept under the carpet.
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Oh boy

First off I'll start by stating working with the supported individuals on a daily basis was a pleasure and the one aspect of the company that was fun and rewardingNow, management, where do you start, constant rota changes, no support, forcing staff to do on call shifts when they hadn't signed up for that in first place, and just throwing you in whenever they please despite being asked not to, management are very stroppy and take things very personal if you dare challenge them on something you fundamentally believe in, and don't ever dare try use your initiative, that's very much frowned upon, they have a refer a friend scheme at the moment, I wouldn't wish my worst enemy with that just now, there is major issues with the company at the moment which they don't seem to want to fix and until then they'll continue hemorrhaging staff
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Management are awful.

Management are a joke. Treated poorly and if you dare speak up you'll soon know about it. Poor pay, bullying tactics. I only stayed as long as I did because I genuinely loved the Service Users.
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Service users/supported individuals are the reason we do this type of job. The Management are the reason no one can stay in this job and not have mental health issues.


Lunch out on Fridays.


Everything else.
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Awarding job but very poor management

Personally i find the job itself a very rewarding job but comes with its own difficulties the same as every other job out there although these in question are mostly easily managed. But when it comes to having to deal with such poor management, that then takes over everything. Management is in no way approachable, staff are very rarely given the support they need, they prioritise certain staff over others, extreme lack in consistency. Dreading each shift as you have no idea what you are walking into. Bombarded with phone calls and texts when on annual leave to cover shifts and then guilt tripped into shifts. The job itself has a great deal of potential and that can’t be forgotten about but unfortunately the turn over off staff is so high due to the same issues that arent being addressed, these stresses are then put onto staff due to staff shortages which is then put onto those supported individuals which is far from fair. Constantly having to watch what you say around colleagues due to cliques within the staff team. I find that if the issues within current management & staff were addressed then staff morale would be alot higher and staff turnover would be less, meaning less new faces for supported individuals.




Too many
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Stressful environment where you are expected to work with no breaks plus managers with no special needs experience apart from a bit of paper.

A positive to begin with: the team I was working with were amazing, what a group of hard working people.Negative: The job is exhausting and not enough time off between shifts to recover.Training is good for the first week then you are told either that training will happen within on or two days ( on your day off) you don't get your day off back. Management seem to lack the skills for organising training so the staff have to find what they need to do. Management tell staff that it's the responsibility of the staff to organise training. No notice of when training will happen so impossible to plan anything.Night shift is stupid as they think that when you finish a nightshirt the day is classed as a day off.If any issues with client, management will blame the staff for not dealing with any situation correctly (in the management eyes). You are blamed if the client becomes distressed. Calms training will work on some special needs children and adults, not on everyone so be prepared for being blamed for breakages or violence toward you.Arousel Physical Training is a laugh and if you do do this training be prepared for your own personal injuries. Imagine client coming at you with a knife and you have to put your arms up. Arterial flow could follow.Don't get unwell before six months or you'll be paid SSPs but stress has nothing to do with being unwell.Managers on call, some are good others...well...I've been working in care for a long time and as a support worker, why was I doing the work of a manager. Pay is pathetic considering , there will be good clients and then not - 


The staff I worked with were great


Pay, days off, management and training
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Very stressful

Service users where fantastic. Certain management had rules for one and then rules for another. It was very difficult to find my place within the company. It’s not about what you know it’s about who you know.
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Should be a great place to work but has issues.

I’ve worked for Scottish Autism for a few years now. You develop great relationships with the supported individuals and you get a great feeling when you see the individuals achieve something. There is fundamental problems with the place. In the main there is a lack of professionalism in the services. No two staff members are under the same rules. People are allowed to use excuses to get out of doing activities. Different precedents set for different staff. Constantly get texts asking to cover shifts. Even if you’re on annual leave. At times serious issues aren’t taken seriously. It doesn’t seem like the policies matter. Covid has had an impact on the place there is no doubt. But it’s been used as an excuse. There’s is a lack of support at time and the staff turn over is unbelievable. It could be a great place to work but it isn’t.
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Disappointing job, completely undervalued staff, incompetent management

The service was poorly set up, lacked basic safety procedures, staff were under trained, lacked knowledge and experience.Inexperienced management. SI's given very little opportunity to develop, learn or thrive. Any suggestions by staff were ignored or not carried out at all. Very demotivating.
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I wish this review was different

Let me begin by saying if it wasn’t for the individuals I supported I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did. They really made the workplace better and gave me a sense of purpose in my job. Putting a lot of time and commitment into learning, being a better employee and working overtime so the individuals weren’t stuck for care. There isn’t must room to progress for anyone unless your a family member or a friend of a family member otherwise your stuck with no where to really develop. Some managers lack training in how to deal with a team therefore the needs for the team and duty of care for them is literally zero. I personally dealt with bullying throughout the years of employment and was told at times told and quote “it’s in your head.” No support for staff who struggle with mental health issues. Several times in one particular unit I was given eye rolls when struggling. Very cliquey and staff took pride in bullying and picking at staff which is something I was disgusted by - gang culture. When trying to escalate the matter more senior Management at head office they thought it was laughable and didn’t do anything about it the same goes for HR. They come across very manipulative to the system there to support staff, policies to help matters like this are vague which shows why they get away with being so unsupportive. No amount of pay is worth this treatment. Pick your happiness first.
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The team is amazing, but the managment and staff value is abysmal

Working with the guys you support is incredible, and most of the teams you work within are just as good, but managment above unit level, especially head office is terrible, looked down upon by them/ no organisation or consideration, values awards went to themselves along with payrises and benefits whilst staff are left overworked and the guys themselves underfunded and forgotten


Incredibly rewarding work


Lack of staff value leading to high staff turnover
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Every day is different

I enjoy the variety, management arrange the rota so you support different service users across the week. Shift times aren’t bad and the management/team are great at accommodating each other with shift changes.


Friendly team, supportive management team


The pay isn’t great, not as competitive as some social care organisations
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Can be ok to work in, but all depends in the area you are put in.

Service users, is by far the best part, I have worked at Scottish Autism for a while now and still enjoy working with familiar and new service users.Co-workers, the majority are great to work alongside, some are just lazy and will talk about others behind their back almost like it's back in a playground sometimes.Managers, well I'd say there is 2/3 good managers in the company but the rest are useless and don't really care for their staff. At times have witnessed managers being petty and ignorant to other staff and service users. I have little to no confidence in issues being sorted by the management team.As a whole, it feels like staff are not important, turnover is high, many come in with false ideas and leave shortly after. You are pretty much thrown in and left to it and at times never see anyone else. Housing support is top priority, so if your in an outreach your more than likely to get shift's cancelled or moved to support housing. Some service users get preferential treatment over others within same area. Sometimes management put ridiculous shifts together e.g 8-2 in Dundee then 2-10 in Perth, so there is no gap for traveling, if you question it then management say "it will be fine" or "don't worry about it". Management don't seem to listen to their staff


Definitely the service users, they are amazing. Most of your coworkers are helpful and good to get along with.


Poor leadership from management At times you feel your limited to what you can and cannot do, due to lack of resources.
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