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Interviewing at Serco Group

See what people said about the interview process at Serco Group.

Interview experience

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Interview difficulty

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Interview process length

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About a day or two

Interview process at Serco Group

Overall experience

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Interview process length
About a day or two
About a week
About two weeks
More than one month
About a month
Most reported steps
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Least reported steps
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What candidates say about the interview process at Serco Group

  • Under current circumstances, I would imagine that the interview would be either zoom or a telephone interview prior to coming on site.
    Shared on 3 January 2021 - Customer Service Advisor - Liverpool
  • When I was there I believe it was very good and they genuinely picked out the best people for the job but the jail is so short staffed now there taking any muppet on which makes it more dangerous for …
    Shared on 30 September 2019 - Prison Officer - Staffordshire
  • Was very hard but worth it
    Shared on 30 August 2018 - Senior HR Advisor - Birmingham, West Midlands
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Interview questions at Serco Group

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • Can you type quickly?
    Shared on 11 May 2022 - Customer Service Agent - Kirkby, Merseyside
  • Questions vary depending on the job position one applies for. They are general directed to identify personal skills and an applicant's character.
    Shared on 25 February 2021 - Prison Custody Officer - London
  • They just told me everything I needed to know
    Shared on 28 August 2020 - Call Centre Agent - Liverpool

What was your interview with Serco Group like?

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The first interview at Serco Group

How candidates got an interview
  • Through Indeed38%
  • Other23%
  • Recruiter contacted me11%
  • Other online job site10%
  • Employee referral9%

How candidates received their first interview at Serco Group

  • Employment Agency
    Shared on 21 August 2022 - NTL Agent - Home Based
  • After submitting written application I was invited to a skills evaluation day. On passing that a formal interview.
    Shared on 1 June 2022 - PEC qualified Prison Custody Officer - Pucklechurch
  • Volunteered working and gain experience in the position you will soon be recognised
    Shared on 19 April 2021 - Site Manager - Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Common questions about interviewing at Serco Group

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