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What would you suggest Showsec management do to prevent others from leaving?

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  • Improve staff welfare.
    *Don't expect staff to do 15 hour shifts on their feet and not provide them with a suitable break room where they can sit down.

    *Allow staff to park for free at venues instead of paying £6 a time or leaving them to park further away when shifts finish late at night.

    *Provide toilet breaks. It is unreasonable to tell people not to leave their position unguarded and then not provide a toilet or relief cover to allow toilet breaks.

    * Pay a fee for travel time. Staff often work out of their local area as sometimes no local shifts. You might work 4 hours but have done a round travel trip of 10 hours and don't get paid for it. Not lile we could have done any other work during that time!

    * Allow access to shifts based on reliability and performance at job. It doesn't matter if you are the best, hardest working, provide excellent customer service, many shifts don't even get offered for staff and are given to friends or favourites of the supervisor/ops managers.

    *treat staff fairly and consistently. Stop the favouritism where the same people het the good shifts and good positions. We may be just a mass of low paid space fillers but we are human, the majority of staff genuinely care about doing a good job and deserve to be treated with respect.

  • Have respect for the staff that work outside for the company.
    Also i agree with the above.

    Cop (cancelling out of policy) cheap why to get i bad mark put on your record if someone in H.R. is in bad mood that day.

    Also the uniform yes should be much better considering they take 80 pound out of your wage at 0.50 pence ph which if your working on hourly rate of 8.21 for anyone over age of 25 they pay you 7.71 still if you work for 8.30 ph take away the 0.50 pence 7.80ph at least they could do is give 1) t-shirt 1) fleece 1) Coat 1) Tie.

    Also stop all these yes sir no sir staff. its not good for the company.

    Also remember your staff are not robots or drones they are people they get poorly there physical mental well-being.

  • The main issue with Showsec in Hull is that there isn't enough work locally within the city to sustain the 1 shift per month requirement stated by your contract. Despite applying for every shift in the city I was still rarely able to meet the one shift per month quota.

  • Communicate and evaluate far more effectively. Give credit where its due.

  • Stop the COP ( cancelling out of policy ) and make it more flexible if people fall ill or a person has an issue that is beyond their control.

  • Provid better uniforms for winter weather , give new staff good shifts as they will not have to money for taxis if they can not drive or who are not confortable asking people they do not know for lifts home as all of their current staff do not always reply to messages or are too ingnorant to do so.

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  1. What would you suggest Showsec management do to prevent others from leaving?