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What would you suggest Sodexo management do to prevent others from leaving?

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  • Stop bullying the staff that are actually running the place for them.

  • Appreciate peoples hard work. Realise mouthy staff do the least. Give respect and not just expect it. Bother to get to know your staff instead of just treating them like disposable minions. Train people instead of just letting them sink or swim. Provide real opportunities to progress up instaed of being stuck at the level you entered in. Perform appraisals.

  • Investigate antics of your problematic current staff and their underhand tactics to get rid of new starts. There is not one person you can trust in that team, nice to your face but spit poison as soon as your back is turned. The mother hen has her favourites and her informants, who she protects as they are the main instigators who like to kickstart the drama. A charge hand who can get away with anything because she is favoured, a cleaner who will pretend she is your buddy, grass and twists things when she thinks you'll be none the wiser. Another cleaner whose husband works in the factory who is also just as two faced snitch as her husband is. You get the impression that the two of them think they are the s*#t and are trying to take over. Don't take any notice when they start complaining about each other. Its just a trap, they want you to comment so they can twist it and grass on you. Last of all a guy who I reall wanted to like and trust.
    Just chat and have a bit of banter with, it wasn't enough for him as he turned out to be nothing sleaze ball and brown nose from the factory who refuses to take no for an answer, puts on this superficial charm and pretends to like you. . . And thinks you are oblivious to him poking fun at you behind your back, keeps persisting and whips it out when his words don't get him far. Was already in a vulnerable position as I was being verbally abused, I knew it would be me in the firing line had I made a complaint. He had more people on his side than I did. I got fed up of refusing so I decided play him at his own pathetic game, but rather than mocking him I chose to elaborate online about the kind of sad act this guy really is. I know he'll hate me for this but I really couldn't give 2 flying f#*ks, because I gave him ample opportunities to stop with his compulsive lies and just tell me the truth. In a relationship and he can't keep it in his pants. . . Talk about sad and desperate. I hope the next woman he targets reports him. He should not get away with this behaviour in a workplace. I'm not proud of what I did, I did it mainly for job preservation. I shouldn't have even bothered. I should have just let them sack me earlier on. I was never intending to stay here if they did decide to keep me on. I wa sick fed up of the treatment thay I was subjected to. I was there to do a job not to serve some sleazy guy asking me to perform favours.

  • My manager was kind, understanding and suppotive. Is also a bit of a soft touch that should waken up to reality and investigate into his cleaning teams dirty underhand tactics with the scheming and plotting to get rid of new starts in competition for more overtime. They complain that they are short on staff and yet let the new editions to the team go, to keep the trouble makers, snitches and skivers. They sometimes struggle to replace the staff they dismiss. This is a form of bullying and it requires more serious action to be taken as it all contradicts equal rights within a workplace.

  • Replace the lot

  • Get rid of them

  • Stop Bullying and support staff more .

  • Increase salaries

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  1. What would you suggest Sodexo management do to prevent others from leaving?