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About The AA

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We're not just the hero in the yellow van - important though they are! Take a look at the huge range of roles our people do here at the AA.

About Us

The Automobile Association was started over a century ago by people just like you, to provide great drivers with fair treatment. Today, we’re one of the UK’s best known and most trusted brands. We are the largest breakdown cover organisation in the UK.

Our Culture

We are one big team. Our people come from all kinds of backgrounds, and have a wide range of expertise, but we are united by our commitment to go the extra mile for customers. We always act with integrity. We dream big dreams, but we’re always rooted in reality. We want our members and customers to be able to say that the service, care and respect they receive from us always excellent. Above all else, we aim to make it personal. We’re always ready to do whatever our members need. And we want you to feel proud to be part of our diverse team. Everything we do is driven by our values. These shared commitments keep the AA show on the road, ready for what’s next, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our values Our values are all about what matters to us. They guide how we are – with our members, customers, partners and each other. Courtesy People won’t always remember what you say or do. But they will remember how you made them feel. We’re always respectful – of our members and each other’s time and needs. We’re considerate, too. We are good listeners and we take time to understand what people really need before we leap to a solution. Care Trust is earned. Respect is mutual and honesty is always appreciated. We’re known for our integrity – we’re straightforward and we always strive to do the right thing. And we’re honest as the day is long. We’re always true to our word. Expertise The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is found in the extra mile. We’re problem solvers, confident that we know how to make life easier. Our members count on us for excellent service and we go out of our way to give them our very best every day. Collaboration Be strong enough to stand alone, be confident enough to be yourself but wise enough to stand together. A team is not a group of people that happen to work together. Teams are built and have a common goal. So look at the bigger picture. And remember, everyone is doing their best to make life easier for our members and each other. Dynamism Some people want it to happen. Some people wish it would happen. Others make it happen. It’s up to us to be the change. We are what we do, not what we say we’ll do. When something could be better, we grasp the nettle and make it so. We lead by example – hard work doesn’t stop us from turning something good into something great.

Working Here

There’s a lot more to us than roadside assistance. We’re constantly and rapidly evolving – adopting new technologies and advancing into new business areas to benefit our members. For you, that means scope to explore a wide variety of career paths and possibilities. It’s our diverse team of innovative and dedicated people, from all kinds of backgrounds, who have made us the country’s number one motoring organisation. It takes a wide range of skills, experience and talent for us to thrive. And that makes our company a vibrant and exciting place to work. Ready for anything? You can make an impact if you share the qualities that make us different: - Expertise: we are confident and give excellent service - Collaboration & Dynamism: as catalysts for change, we share common goals and start from a position of trust - Courtesy & Care: we are considerate and act with integrity Here’s what that looks like in practice: - We aim for ‘One & Done’: Spotting what makes the big difference for members, customers and the AA, and seeing problems through to the end. - We know our stuff, and deliver the best solutions for our members and customers with confidence. - We treat the business as our own: Through dedication, drive and commitment we take accountability and look after every pound. - We embrace fresh ideas, challenge the status quo, think for ourselves and find new solutions. - We don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good – we respond to the situation and find solutions to move things forward now. - We seek what is right and best for our members, customers and the whole business, rather than for ourselves or our team. - We support each other, in the knowledge that we all have a common goal, and we take the time to understand each other’s perspectives. - We say what we think, in the right way – even when it might be controversial.

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Motor Vehicle Repair & Maintenance