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Why did you leave your job at Waitrose?

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  • It's very much a bullying culture of arrogance and intimidation ,Get the present management out.

  • I left because I felt invisible and looked down on by most of the staff and my manager. I think Waitrose should hire better management staff who are a lot nicer and empathetic.

  • I felt bullied and looked down on and invisible. Everyone has their personality and should not be looked down on for that.

  • The management seemed to think that treating people "fairly" meant treating them all the same; they struggled to apply policy to individual situations and the result was a staff cohort with constant written warnings and no morale. It's soul crushing, and the lack of support from management combined with incompetent and lazy team leaders and minimally trained colleagues (through no fault of their own, the resources just aren't funnelled correctly) meant that it was eventually just exhausting and unbearable.

  • A bullying culture that exists at the Droitwich branch especially during the night-shift, lack of consistency too. Waitrose has struggled in recent years, and some of the management & staff employed at the Droitwich branch it’s easy to see why. Avoid!!

  • Management and staff on nights were unfriendly.

  • They did nothing when I raised a racism incident and still kept that person at the store. Turns out dating a team leader can have it's benefits when you're a racist.

  • I left after being hauled into the managers office and threatened with dismissal because I didn't serve a customer when I was on my way home. I was in my own clothing. Colleague pestered me to serve the customer but I had a taxi waiting outside.

    I was also disciplined for getting on a bus before a customer. Lady knew I worked for the store, and insisted that she got on the bus before I did as she was a customer and she would complain to the store manager.

    Seems when you join Waitrose, you sign any rights you have as a person away.

  • I was given temporary work over busy christmas and new year period and was told the chances are you will be kept on. Worked on tills at busiest times and then out of the blue in january was pulled off tills by a manager and told I wasnt being kept on. None of the supervisors could understand as they thought I was ideal and figured we were still busy enough to warrant more staff. Treated pretty shoddily. Most of the time when I wasnt on a till I was doing one of their ridiculous training modules although I had been in retail for probably longer than most of their managers. Some staff were lovely, v friendly but others seemed to have strange issues and thought they were something very special (which they most certainly werent)

  • I did enjoy my role for nearly three years until the last three months where I was treated appallaingly by a particular manager. Got no support and managers were interested in chatting to each other rather than managing the shop. With the odd exception this was the norm! Would seriously avoid working for this company

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