Advertise jobs to reach 250M* candidates

Find the people you want to hire, faster. Our easy-to-use recruitment tools help you source, attract and screen candidates for nearly any role, industry or location.

*Source: Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, February 2020

Advertise a job on Indeed

Post a job in less than 10 minutes

Include a specific job title, a detailed job description and your location (if applicable).

Add screener questions

Find out if applicants meet your minimum qualifications up front. Jobs with screener questions are 40% more likely to result in a hire.*

Get matched with quality candidates

With Matched Candidates, we’ll use your job criteria to send you a list of matched candidates.

Invite candidates to apply

If you think someone’s a good fit, send them an invitation to apply.The level of access to Matched Candidates depends on your pricing plan. Jobs with pay-per-click pricing are limited to 30 invites total per account each month.

*Indeed data (WW), Average over Q2 2021

Write effective hiring ads

With nearly 6 out of 10 online jobseekers in the UK coming to Indeed every month,* great job advertising can help your jobs stand out from the rest. Use specific job titles, show off your benefits/perks, and sponsor your jobs to maximise their visibility.

*Source: Comscore, Unique Visitors, October 2021

Attract candidates offline with staff needed ads

Post staff needed ads in your local newspaper, on a nearby university campus, or in your front window to expand your reach.

*Source: Indeed data (UK)

Sponsored Jobs are 5 times more likely to result in a hire*.

Pay to post your job to maximise your job posting’s visibility and unlock Matched Candidates. Candidates you invite to apply through Matched Candidates are 4 times more likely to apply to your job than those who only see it in search.*

*Source: Indeed data (United Kingdom)

Ready to advertise jobs?

Yes, most jobs on Indeed can be posted for free.* However, if you want a larger number of applicants, consider paying to post your job. This will keep your job post visible over time and unlock Instant Match to help you connect with quality candidates. 
*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply

Include an attention-grabbing headline, key job details and how you’d like candidates to apply. 
One column inch in a newspaper is about 25-30 words, with around 3-5 words per line. You may need to do some adjusting, line breaking and abbreviating to fit your ad within the space you’re purchasing.

Staff needed ads are typically short and simple – be they in a newspaper, a business’s window or on a uni campus bulletin board. Include the most important, relevant information to make the most of your limited space (and catch the eye of someone who could be a great match for your role).