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Job Boards and Indeed

How job boards work

    • Online job boards often feature job listings submitted by both employers or recruiters acting on behalf of employers.
    • They are often specialised according to industry, location or the type of career.
    • Companies often utilise multiple job boards to increase their reach for recruitment.

With thousands of job boards featuring open positions, candidates have ample opportunities to consider. Some job boards focus on jobs from certain talent pools or those in a particular industry, while others specialise in connecting people to jobs in specific geographical locations. The common attribute of all job boards is that they allow job-seekers to access job listings posted by employers or recruiters. Companies will often post same position jobs on multiple relevant job boards to increase their chances of finding qualified and suitable candidates.

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Job search engines vs. job boards

  • Indeed is a job search engine, with powerful search tools to help job seekers find exactly the kinds of jobs they are looking for.
  • Search engines like Indeed aggregate job listings from thousands of job boards, career sites and recruiter listings.
  • Indeed helps employers find the right candidates out of a broad talent pool.
  • On Indeed, job seekers search results include both aggregated listings and those posted directly by employers

Indeed is different from most online recruitment tools for employers. As a search engine, Indeed aggregates job listings from thousands of sources across the internet, including job boards, company career sites and recruiter listings. This consolidation of job listings both eliminates the need for companies to post jobs in multiple locations and streamlines the search process for job seekers.

In addition to aggregating job listings from other sources, Indeed search results include jobs that were posted directly by employers. Many small and medium sized businesses post jobs to Indeed rather than maintaining their own career sites, but companies of all sizes use this self-serve recruitment tool. Jobs posted directly to Indeed are managed through an online employer dashboard and can be easily browsed and applied to from mobile devices, making it easy for candidates to apply even if a computer isn’t accessible.

However listings end up on Indeed, job seekers can use simple yet powerful search tools to find opportunities that are relevant to their skills and interests.

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