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55% of employees agree that reviews from previous or current employees influence their perception of what it’s like to work at that company.* With over 150M ratings and reviews, Indeed Company Pages help you attract and engage the right candidates.

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*Decipher/FocusVision on behalf of Indeed, n=846

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Showcase your unique employer brand — people who visit your Company Page are, on average, 4X more likely to apply for a job at your company.*

*Indeed data (worldwide)

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Talk openly and honestly to people who are interested in your company, through reviews, questions and messages.

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See who’s interested in your company, what employees say about working there and learn how you stack up against the competition so you can better attract and retain talent.

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Every employer with jobs on Indeed automatically has a Company Page. Claim your page to unlock employer-only features and update your page with company information, photos, a logo and more. People can follow your page to get updates on new jobs and company reviews.

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How does my company have a Company Page on without creating it?

Indeed Company Pages are created automatically when jobseekers review past employers that are included on their CV, or job listings are added to Sponsored Jobs. You'll see a Company Page appear in search results once at least two reviews have been added.

Can I pay to remove a bad review? How do I remove my Company Page?

It's Indeed's policy to create the absolute best experience for jobseekers, which includes showing authentic reviews. That means Indeed will never delete a review or Company Page if it meets guidelines. Our content guidelines ensure that every review passes through a sensitive filter with a manual check by humans if the content is questionable. If you feel that a review is false, libellous or doesn't meet the guidelines, please contact your Client Success representative. Upon doing so, the review enters the moderation pipeline again with visibility unchanged and will be re-evaluated by the same content guidelines.

There are multiple Company Pages for my business. What should I do?

Contact the Client Success team and let them know. Your Company Pages will be merged with all reviews, ratings, Q&A and salaries added to your main page, nothing excluded. The Company Profile you set up with videos, social accounts and info about working at your company will be unaffected.

How are jobs listed on my Company Page?

Company Pages include all jobs at your company when you connect your ATS with Indeed, add any jobs on Indeed directly or any jobs found across the Internet for your company.

Can companies reply to reviews? And will it show the employee or the company name?

Companies are encouraged to reply to reviews. Any employee with Page Owner access can respond. All responses include the company logo, but the name of the person responding is not shown.

On the Q&A tab, who is allowed to ask questions and reply?

Anyone visiting the Company Page can ask and answer questions. As with Reviews, responding to questions on your company's behalf is highly encouraged. If you don't have any questions on the Q&A tab, ask them yourself! When you reply, it will show the answers as being from the company, plus you've made it easier for jobseekers to learn more about your company. The categories are determined by the questions asked automatically.

Can I send my followers emails with the Alerts feature?

Alerts will be sent automatically via email when new jobs become available at your company. If there are new reviews, up to three of these reviews will also be included.

If I claim my Company Page, will I receive alerts whenever a new question or review has been posted so I can respond in a timely manner?

All page owners receive a weekly email with up to three of the latest reviews and questions for that week.

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