Your Indeed budget approval template

You can use this to talk to your company’s decision-maker(s) about Indeed’s benefits to get more budget towards hiring. If this is for you, then you’re already on your way towards hiring your next great candidate!

1. Read the letter and consider which elements are most important to your budget owner
2. Copy and paste the template into your email
3. Don’t forget to add your own words where prompted

Hi [Insert Name],

I’m writing to check in with you about an opportunity to make this year’s hiring more efficient and effective. And yes, it will need some budget. I want to request [Insert X pounds for x amount of time] to hire a successful candidate for [Insert position(s)]. I think you’ll see it’s worth it.

As you know, I’ve been managing our job searches for [Insert months, years or number of searches]. Hiring successfully depends on our ability to attract an excellent pool of candidates and access one easy management tool.

For me, that’s where Indeed comes into play. Here’s some background:

• *44.9 million people visit Indeed every month . So, we’ll have access to one of the largest pools of online talent.

• When we post a Sponsored Job, it significantly increases our visibility among this pool.

• Sponsoring also provides, at no additional cost, access to Instant Match. With Instant Match, we’ll get a list of candidates whose CV on Indeed match our job criteria. And we’ll be able to invite them to apply straight after we post.

• We’re *3.5 times more likely to hire a candidate when we sponsor with Indeed.

• And it doesn’t hurt that we’ll get 1:1 support from their hiring specialists. I’ll be able to call and get a response from a real person. That’s added value.

To learn more, check out Sponsored Jobs at Indeed.

According to my calculations, we’ll need [Insert X pounds for x amount of time] to hire successfully hire for [Insert position(s)]. Could you approve this budget?

I believe sponsoring a job with Indeed will provide a return on investment when it comes to hiring the best candidates quickly and with ease. If you agree, let me know and I’ll connect with [Insert name of appropriate finance person at org] to move us a step closer to start hiring.

Thank you for your consideration,

[Insert Name]

Simply copy and paste this into your email

Will your budget owner want to know where your Indeed data comes from? Here’s a list of the claims we used above and the analysis that backs them up.

• 44.9 million people visit Indeed every month (SimilarWeb, Total Visits, February 2021).

• Sponsored Jobs are 3.5 times more likely to result in a hire (Indeed data (worldwide)).

Ready to start hiring?