Account Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Account Coordinator, or Account Manager works with clients to identify their needs and improve customer satisfaction. Their duties include developing and renewing sales proposals, generating sales and assisting Account Executives.


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Account Coordinator duties and responsibilities

The primary responsibility of Account Coordinators is to help an organisation attract and retain clients through excellent customer service and comprehensive knowledge of the company’s products and services. Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Building lasting relationships with clients to understand their needs and recommending the most suitable products or services to improve satisfaction
  • Building a comprehensive knowledge of company offers and demonstrating those benefits to clients
  • Following up and updating customers about the latest offers and promotions
  • Working with internal teams for effective customer service before and after closing sales
  • Conducting market and competitor research
  • Resolving customer complaints and concerns and reporting their feedback to sales, marketing and product development teams
  • Researching prospective and existing clients for a better understanding of their needs
  • Monitoring key performance indicators of sales and marketing campaigns and creating comprehensive reports to improve results
  • Generating and following-up business leads


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Account Coordinator Job Description Examples:

What does an Account Coordinator do?

The primary function of Account Coordinators is to oversee new and existing client accounts, to improve client satisfaction and increase revenue. Account Coordinators help identify project ideas and strategies for meeting deadlines and maintaining vendor relationships. They interact with clients regularly to provide updates on products and services and find innovative ways to add value to their accounts. Account Coordinators also schedule promotions. They conduct pitch calls and follow up with clients to identify their needs and match them with the right offers. Other duties include overseeing the sales process, maintaining an in-depth knowledge of products and services and performing demonstrations.


Account Coordinator skills and qualifications

A successful Account Coordinator candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed to perform duties effectively, these include:

  • Proven experience in a sales or marketing role
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Exceptional written and oral communications skills
  • Sound information technology skills, including proficiency in using computers, telephones and other digital communication channels
  • Strong time management and organisational skills
  • Knowledge of customer relationship management tools
  • Problem-solving and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail


Account Coordinator experience requirements

The experience requirements of Account Coordinators depend on job duties and responsibilities. For an entry role, candidates should have basic knowledge of account management. Senior Account Coordinator roles may need up to 2 years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising and management. Some employers employ candidates with excellent customer service skills and qualities that fit the role while providing extensive on-the-job training. For a specialised industry, look for an Account Coordinator with a background in your field.


Account Coordinator education and training requirements

Account Coordinators can qualify for employment with a degree or higher national diploma in marketing, business management, advertising or digital advertising and related disciplines. Candidates who have completed a Marketing Manager higher qualification, degree or apprenticeship are also eligible for senior Account Coordinator roles. Employers also consider candidates with relevant experience and professional qualifications. Desirable industry certifications for Account Coordinator candidates are available from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Institute of Data and Marketing. Entry-level Account Coordinators may require hands-on training before they can manage client accounts.


Account Coordinator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary expectation for Account Coordinators in the UK is £22,237 per year. Actual pay may depend on the employer, location, industry, exact job duties and responsibilities, experience and qualifications.


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Account Coordinator job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Account Coordinator?

Successful Account Coordinators must be excellent communicators as the role requires interfacing with clients. They must be detail-oriented and know how to explain the workings and benefits of products and services to clients. Effective Account Coordinators must be comfortable accumulating information about their company’s products and services and competitor offers. They are passionate about helping clients get the best solutions to their problems at the best rates. They also need to show genuine care and push the boundaries to ensure that clients are satisfied and that the company’s revenues grow.


How can you make your Account Coordinator job description stand out?

To make your job description stand out, ensure that the information candidates need to apply for the role is clearly stated in the posting. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the role and how the Account Coordinator will contribute to your organisation’s sales goals. Mention the key skills, experiences and qualifications you want candidates to have. You can also discuss the work environment, employment benefits and salary.


Who does an Account Coordinator report to?

Account Coordinators usually report to an Account Manager or an Account Supervisor. In some organisations, they can report to a Marketing Director or an Account Director. For specific departments such as payroll or administration, they perform duties assigned by a Payroll Manager, Head of Administration or Operations Director.

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