Beauty Therapist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Beauty Therapist,  or Beautician performs beauty treatments to help their clients look and feel their best. Their duties include performing skin treatments, removing unwanted hair and advising clients about beauty options.


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Beauty Therapist duties and responsibilities

The duties of Beauty Therapists vary depending on their place of work and speciality. Some Beauty Therapists have very specialised roles, while others perform various beauty treatments. Depending on their expertise, their responsibilities may include:

  • Removing unwanted hair from the face or body using hot wax, threading, electrolysis or other techniques
  • Performing manicures and pedicures, including shaping and painting nails
  • Massaging parts of the body for relaxation or pain relief
  • Performing facials and body skin treatments including cleansing, toning, exfoliating, massaging and applying masks
  • Tanning the skin using a spray tan or artificial light treatments
  • Applying makeup for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions
  • Advising clients about makeup and beauty products they can use between treatments, including encouraging clients to buy salon products
  • Processing customer payments and making appointments for follow-up treatments as required


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What does a Beauty Therapist do?

A Beauty Therapist performs body treatments that improve and beautify the skin and nails. They also advise clients about their at-home beauty options for care between treatments. Often this work involves encouraging clients to buy their salon’s products. Their work helps clients feel more attractive and confident. A good Beauty Therapist can create loyal customers and generate positive word-of-mouth. Their work can improve a beauty business’ reputation, client base and profits. Satisfied clients will often follow a good Beauty Therapist from one establishment to another. This loyalty makes hiring a popular Beauty Therapist a good way to attract new business.


Beauty Therapist skills and qualifications

Beauty Therapists use their technical and soft skills to help customers enjoy feeling pampered and more attractive. A successful Beauty Therapist candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Technical beauty skills to perform treatments to the highest standard
  • Customer service to make clients feel comfortable and well cared for
  • Verbal communication, including active listening, for learning about clients’ needs and explaining treatment options
  • Manual dexterity for performing treatments
  • Basic computer literacy for booking new appointments and processing payments in electronic systems


Beauty Therapist experience requirements

Beauty Therapists usually have prior experience working as Beauty Therapists or Beauty Therapist Assistants. Working as a Beauty Therapist Assistant, under the supervision of a Beauty Therapist, teaches candidates about different beauty treatments. Beauty Therapists usually give their assistants practical experience with simple treatments, such as shaping nails or waxing.


Beauty Therapist education and training requirements

A range of education and training options can prepare Beauty Therapists for their roles. Some Beauty Therapists learn their craft at a private beauty school. Others gain an NVQ Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Specialist NVQ Level 2 diplomas in waxing, pedicure, or manicure can complement a general Beauty Therapy diploma. Other Beauty Therapists complete intermediate or advanced beauty therapist apprenticeships after graduating high school. All these options give Beauty Therapists the training they need to succeed in a salon or spa.


Beauty Therapist salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Beauty Therapist in the UK is £10.01 per hour. Salaries can vary depending on the Beauty Therapists experience, employer and location.


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Beauty Therapist job description FAQs


What qualities do successful Beauty Therapists have?

In addition to excellent technical skills, successful Beauty Therapists have friendly, warm personalities that make their clients feel valued and comfortable. They are also empathetic and sensitive to clients’ needs and concerns. Beauty Therapists are part of a salon or spa team, so they must enjoy working with others. They also have a real passion for the beauty industry and what it can do for clients.


What should you look for in a Beauty Therapist CV?

Try to choose an experienced Beauty Therapist if possible. However, experience can be acquired from a variety of places. Hire someone with a lot of professional experience or someone who has gained experience through an apprenticeship or formal schooling. Members of the Guild of Beauty Therapists are professionally recognised for their work, so they make for an excellent choice.


Who does a Beauty Therapist report to?

Beauty Therapists typically report to salon and spa owners. These people oversee the general running of a salon or spa. They usually have beauty training, so Beauty Therapists can consult them if any treatments do not perform as expected or clients are challenging. However, some Beauty Therapists start their own freelance businesses, such as mobile beauty services. As they work independently, they have no one else to report to.

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