Building Maintenance Technician Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Building Maintenance Technician, also known as a Maintenance Technician, is responsible for the upkeep of a building or facility. Their duties include a range of maintenance and repair tasks, including carpentry, pest control and safety repairs.


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Building Maintenance Technician duties and responsibilities

The range and duties of a Building Maintenance Technician depend on the type and size of building they maintain. Their work is dependent on the demands of their employers. Some Building Maintenance Technicians, may need to take on heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as waxing floors or cleaning carpets, while others may have added supervisory and administrative duties. In general, Building Maintenance Technicians have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Responding to the requests of tenants or occupants with regard to mechanical or maintenance issues
  • Evaluating and repairing issues as they arise and communicating with Supervisors when outsourcing is necessary
  • Requisitioning the necessary supplies, equipment and tools, monitoring inventory and working within a budget
  • Ensuring safe working practices and that a building is in compliance with safety and quality regulations including maintaining fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and other safety systems 
  • Conducting regular inspections to determine which areas in the building need attention 
  • Overseeing contractors and other workers who are unfamiliar with a building’s layout
  • Keeping maintenance schedules and records up to date


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What does a Building Maintenance Technician do?

The main task of a Building Maintenance Technician is to ensure that a building remains functional and in good repair. They inspect, maintain and repair a building’s systems, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, and also take care of other maintenance tasks, such as painting, roof repairs, locksmithing and drywall installations. For  specialised tasks,  a Building Maintenance Technician will liaise with a Supervisor to outsource the work. 

Building Maintenance Technicians work in many different kinds of commercial and industrial facilities, including offices, apartment complexes, hotels, schools, shopping malls and entertainment facilities like theatres. Some work independently, while others work as part of a maintenance team.


Building Maintenance Technician skills and qualifications

In order to successfully execute the various tasks of the job, Building Maintenance Technicians need a wide range of technical skills, including solid knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems. A successful Building Maintenance Technician will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that include:

  • Strong mechanical skills to operate equipment and repair systems
  • Physical strength and dexterity for carrying heavy loads, climbing to significant heights and working in awkward spaces
  • Good time management skills, as they may have multiple tasks and issues happening concurrently
  • Strong communication skills to effectively communicate with Supervisors, colleagues, contractors and tenants
  • Good customer service skills to ensure that tenants and occupants receive the attention and service they require
  • Excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills to identify issues and effectively deal with them


Building Maintenance Technician experience requirements

Building Maintenance Technicians typically need previous maintenance experience. This may include experience in plumbing, refurbishment work, electrical maintenance and experience working with heating systems. Candidates may also have to show experience in the use of maintenance equipment including using hand tools, freon recovery units, ladders and paint equipment.


Building Maintenance Technician education and training requirements

There are no set education and training requirements for Building Maintenance Technicians. In general, candidates need at least GCSEs in maths and English. They must demonstrate that they have adequate numeracy and literacy skills. As this is a hands-on job, many Building Maintenance Technicians enter the profession through a recognised and registered craft apprenticeship. 

Although practical experience are important in this field, candidates can demonstrate their skills in a trade by obtaining a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). City & Guilds, for instance, offers many different, highly-regarded qualifications, such as a Level 3 Diploma in Site Carpentry or a Level 3 Award in Initial Verification of Electrical Installations.


Building Maintenance Technician salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Building Maintenance Technician is  £29,511 per year . Salaries will vary, though, depending on location and level of experience.


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Building Maintenance Technician job description FAQs


Do Building Maintenance Technicians oversee the grounds of a facility?

Some Building Maintenance Technicians take care of outdoor properties, which may include tasks like lawn care and sprinkler management. They also have to oversee all utility connections that spread throughout a compound. Building Maintenance Technicians keep detailed maps of a building’s peripheral property. 


What are the hours of a Building Maintenance Technician?

Building Maintenance Technicians typically work Monday to Friday in a 40-hour work week. However, they should be available to respond to calls for service at night or over weekends. Some maintenance tasks may also need to take place whenever other contractors need it.


Who do Building Maintenance Technicians report to?

Building Maintenance Technicians who work for large organisations typically report to a Supervisor or a Manager. Those who work in smaller facilities may report to a Facility or Property Manager.

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