Car Salesperson Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Car Salesperson, also known as an Automotive Sales Consultant sells new or used vehicles. Their duties include listening to the requirements and needs of clients, showcasing different vehicles, making recommendations and ultimately closing new sales.


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Car Salesperson duties and responsibilities

The scope of a Car Salesperson’s duties and responsibilities depends on where they work. Car Salespeople who work for larger dealerships, tend to work as part of a big sales team and can specialise in a specific sales area. Whereas those who work for independent smaller dealers have a wider range of duties. Generally, Car Salespeople main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Possessing solid knowledge of the vehicles they are selling to effectively match a customer’s needs with the appropriate vehicle and close a sale
  • Welcoming customers, listening to their requirements, answering all queries with detailed information and making recommendations
  • Assisting with the setting up of showrooms and forecourts, including promotional displays
  • Taking customers for test drives and showing them a vehicle’s features
  • Negotiating the best possible selling price and offering loans and other finance options
  • Informing customers of available accessories, warranties and after-sale services
  • Ensuring that a sold car undergoes a pre-delivery inspection and is delivered in prime condition
  • Taking care of the necessary paperwork, including contracts and vehicle registrations


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Car Salesperson Job Description Examples:


Example 1

We are looking for a car salesman with some experience within the field of used or new vehicle sales. We have been operating for over 20 years and require someone that is: Personable - It is important to interact with customers and build a rapport with them. Organised- Multiple deals as well as unplanned customers required a level of organisation and self management. Money motivated- It is possible to earn a lot in this job, it all depends on how hard you are willing to work. Targets will be set with varying levels of commission earning potential. Open minded - the industry is diverse, you must be able to adapt and move with it. Time management skills - it is important to keep busy and use the time during the day wisely. Creating time for admin is as important as organising customer bookings etc. Passion - someone that comes across as excited, genuine and interested will sell more cars. We require someone with a passion for cars as well as selling them. Reference ID: Car salesperson Contract length: 12 months Application deadline: 30/06/2021 Job Types: Full-time, Contract Salary: per year Additional pay: * Bonus scheme * Commission pay Benefits: * On-site parking Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Monday to Friday * Weekends COVID-19 considerations: -Hand sanitiser stations - Masks used when required - Regular cleaning of office space Work remotely: * No

What does a Car Salesperson do?

A Car Salesperson can either work for a dealership, in which case they’ll sell new cars that are produced by a single manufacturer, or they can work for an independent outlet that sells used cars of all makes and models. Depending on where they work, Car Salespeople may also sell other types of vehicles for instance, motorbikes and lorries. 

As the main aim of the job is to reach sales targets, Car Salespeople need to build new sales leads, while also strategically retaining existing customers. They can do this by extending their services to customers after the initial sales process has been completed. This may include dealing with complaints, selling accessories or liaising with a service department on behalf of a customer.


Car Salesperson skills and qualifications

 Car Salespeople should have excellent interpersonal skills in order to build good rapport with customers and to nurture long-standing relationships. A successful Car Salesperson  will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Great verbal communication skills to effectively share information and build relationships
  • Excellent listening and questioning skills to successfully address the needs of customers
  • Strong negotiation skills to arrive at a price that closes a sale, but is also profitable
  • Excellent customer service skills to close deals and retain customers
  • Basic IT skills that include knowledge of the necessary software applications
  • Solid mechanical knowledge and the ability to share necessary information with customers


Car Salesperson experience requirements

Although most dealerships provide in-house training, Car Salespeople typically need previous experience in car sales, or at least in a retail environment. Candidates may need to show a solid track record of reaching sales targets as well as proven customer and negotiation skills. 


Car Salesperson education and training requirements

There are no fixed education or training requirements for this occupation. Candidates may need at least a few GCSEs, including maths and English, to show the necessary numeracy and literacy skills. Generally, they also need a full driving licence. Candidates can demonstrate their customer service skills through various professional qualifications. The Institute of Sales Management (ISM), for example offers qualifications like a Level 2 Award in Selling to a Customer and a Level 4 Award in Sales Negotiations.


Car Salesperson salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Car Salesperson in the UK, is £26,529 per year. Salaries, differ depending on factors like locations and dealership.


Job description samples for similar positions

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Car Salesperson job description FAQs


What are the hours of a Car Salesperson?

A Car Salesperson often works different shifts. Their working hours normally amount to around 40 hours a week, which may include working over weekends and on bank holidays. They may also work overtime from time to time, especially when trying to close a deal.


What are the qualities of a successful Car Salesperson?

Successful Car Salespeople are typically energetic and extroverted individuals. They normally have the drive to succeed and show a real interest in the automotive industry. Those who do well maintain a positive attitude at all times and are willing to put in the effort and hours to achieve their targets.


What makes a good Car Salesperson job description?

Although you want to include adequate details with regard to the requirements for the job, aim to also keep the description concise and only add the necessary points. By keeping it short, you will help to attract suitable candidates, as lengthy lists may deter qualified applicants. 

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