Checkout Operator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Checkout Operator, or Till Assistant, works in supermarkets and department stores helping customers select their products and give payment for goods. Their duties include packing and wrapping packages, filling shelves, working on a customer service desk and receiving payments. 


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Checkout Operator duties and responsibilities 

Checkout Operators must keep their work area tidy and full of change. They have to work fast to keep the queue moving, whilst processing the data accurately and balance tills at the end of the day. Additional duties and responsibilities of Checkout Operators include: 

  • Delivering outstanding customer service to all customers by listening and responding to customer queries in a confident and professional manner
  • Reporting customer complaints to Line Managers and Duty Managers 
  • Ensuring that trolleys and carrier bags are clean and placed in the right places
  • Weighing items such as vegetables and fruits and greeting customers as they enter and leave the store 
  • Creating customer awareness about the latest offers and promotions
  • Tracking transactions on balance sheets and reporting any issues 
  • Cross-selling products and introducing new similar products in the store 
  • Handling merchandise returns and exchanges 


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Checkout Operator Job Description Examples:

What does a Checkout Operator do? 

The work of a Checkout Operator can vary between different types of stores. They often operate tills in large stores, where they record items sold and receive payment for goods purchased. They pass items through an electronic bar code reader or key them in manually for easier checking of inventory using the system. 

Checkout Operators can process payment in cash, credit cards or banker’s cheques. They spend most of their work hours at the customer service desk in day or night shifts. The position can be full- or part-time depending on the organisation’s needs. 


Checkout Operator skills and qualifications 

Checkout Operators have to be quick and efficient, whilst maintaining a polite and friendly appearance to make a good impression. They must have good people skills and confidence while handling and giving change. Other main skills and qualifications that Checkout Operators must possess include: 

  • Excellent customer skills and the ability to serve different kinds of people 
  • Proficiency with computer software and point-of-sale systems 
  • Excellent verbal communication and listening skills
  • Ability to accept positive criticism and work under pressure 
  • Physical stamina to stand for long hours 
  • Accurate maths skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent organisation and time management skills
  • Product knowledge 


Checkout Operator experience requirements 

Most employers prefer candidates with experience working in retail, customer service, cashiering or other similar industries. Candidates who have experience working in well-known supermarkets, DIY stores and food markets are also preferred. They must also have experience in reconciling accounts and locating items in the computer system. Candidates with experience handling cash and serving customers are also often at an advantage in hiring.


Checkout Operator education and training requirements

Candidates are expected to meet an educational requirement of  A-levels or four or more GCSEs, including maths and English. Some employers prefer candidates who enter the industry through apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeship programmes. Candidates with additional training in computer packages and register operation including cash, credit and register receipts are preferred. 


Checkout Operator salary expectations 

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Checkout Operator is £9.16 per hour. This exact figure varies depending on factors like experience, education, location and company. 


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Checkout Operator job description FAQs


What makes a good Checkout Operator job description?

A good Checkout Operator job description should be concise. Include information about your retail store and the activities the candidate will be responsible for. It’s also good to mention if the job will be part-time or full-time and the assigned shifts. 


What's the difference between a Checkout Operator and a Front Desk Clerk?

A Front Desk Clerk is the point of contact between clients and a hotel or business management system. They take reservations and answer phone calls. A Checkout Operator deals with customers who want to pay for products in a retail store or supermarket. They process payments and often deal with a higher number of customers at a time than Front Desk Clerks. 


What should you look in a Checkout Operator CV?

A good Checkout Operator CV must be well-organised, clear and concise. The candidate must have transferable skills that are suitable for the job. Look for candidates who have worked in retail stores in the same industry and under similar conditions. You must also look at the candidate’s written communication skills to find out their ability to express themselves clearly. 


Who does a Checkout Operator report to?

Checkout Operators often report to a Supervisor or Manager who helps with problems such as unpriced goods, complaints and refunds. 

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