Cleaner Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Cleaning Job, performed by a cleaner or housekeeper, involves keeping an assigned area of work clean, tidy and hygienic. The duties of the job include Hoovering the floor, wiping down surfaces and disinfecting communal areas.

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Cleaning duties and responsibilities

Cleaning Jobs require a candidate to be responsible for the removal of hazards and the promotion of a health and safety compliant environment. The key duties and responsibilities of a Cleaning Job include the following:  

  • Carrying out general cleaning duties including sweeping, mopping and cleaning windows
  • Removing old food from communal fridges or cupboards and disposing of waste
  • Emptying the rubbish and recycling bins 
  • Cleaning spills or accidents and thoroughly disinfecting an area afterwards
  • Safely diluting industrial cleaning chemicals and using them at the appropriate levels
  • Keeping cleaning supplies stocked
  • Maintaining cleaning equipment in full working order and carrying out repairs when necessary
  • Completing a set number of daily tasks as specified by any Supervisors 
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Cleaning Jobs Job Description Examples:

What do a Cleaner Job’s involve?

A Cleaner’s job involves cleaning across a range of locations both private and public. 

This includes offices, private households, retail spaces, outdoor areas, restaurants and events. Cleaning Jobs offered by cleaning agencies often involve working across multiple sites. However, Cleaning Jobs offered in-house, by offices or restaurants, stay in one location. Cleaning Jobs require a Cleaner to maintain a tidy and hygienic environment, using cleaning equipment such as brooms, vacuums and mops. Cleaning Jobs often require the completion of mild maintenance tasks too, accommodating for light bulbs or broken-office furniture. 

Cleaning skills and qualifications

Cleaning Jobs require excellent knowledge of cleaning products and equipment alongside practical skills, knowledge of health and safety and keen attention to detail. The key skills and qualifications of a Cleaning Job include the following:

  • Ability to select the appropriate cleaning equipment and chemicals for a particular job 
  • Application of deep cleaning procedures, including limescale or grease removal
  • Physical strength to spend multiple hours on their feet while also bending over at times
  • Dexterity to lift large, heavy objects safely without injury or harm to others
  • Ability to keep to a timetable or cleaning rota, knowing which days to place rubbish for collection or which days to clean specific areas of the building
  • Ability to work independently with minimal on-the-job supervision 
  • Ability to warn Colleagues of wet surfaces or chemicals by using appropriate warning signs
  • Application of COSHH procedures when using industrial chemicals

Cleaning Job experience requirements

Cleaning Jobs require a minimum of one year of experience working in a similar role. 

Employers can consider applicants with other cleaning experience too, even if it’s cleaning their own homes or the homes of friends and relatives. Industrial Cleaning Jobs and Medical Cleaning Jobs require more experience than domestic or office-based Cleaning Jobs. In medical facilities, employers look for at least two years of cleaning experience in a professional capacity. 

Cleaning education and training requirements

Cleaning Jobs require GCSEs in English and maths. However, employers do not often require further formal education than that. Candidates can gain training through Cleaning apprenticeships, which employers look favourably upon. Employers can also look for candidates with existing health and safety training or COSSH training. These are often provided on the job and directly to new employees. 

A Cleaner’s salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Cleaner Job is £9.21 per hour. Salary may be dependent on experience, location and company. 

Job description samples for similar positions

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Cleaning Job description FAQs

What's the difference between a Cleaning Job and a Housekeeper?

Cleaning Jobs are offered in a wide range of locations, including schools, hospitals or offices. A Housekeeper performs similar cleaning tasks and has similar responsibilities to Cleaning Jobs but work in residential homes. Housekeepers clean flats or private houses rather than working on commercial or industrial properties. 

Do the duties and responsibilities of Cleaning Jobs vary by industry?

Cleaning Jobs have similar responsibilities across different industries. The primary aim being to keep an assigned area clean and tidy. Cleaning Jobs have different duties, however, depending on the industry. For example, Hospital Cleaners are required to perform more thorough disinfecting of surfaces than an Office Cleaner. Industrial Cleaners in warehouses may be required to use heavy-duty chemicals that can’t be used in households. 

What makes for a great Cleaning Job description?

A great Cleaning Job description provides prospective candidates with an outline of the company’s ethos, values and working environment. It provides candidates with details of potential shift patterns and working hours helps to attract appropriate applicants. Consider that many Cleaners work part-time and prefer specific day or night shifts. An overview of the specific spaces, such as offices or supermarkets, that need to be cleaned helps to attract candidates who have the right experience.

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