Computer Engineer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Computer Engineer, or a Programmer is responsible for developing computer hardware and software systems to help companies meet their business goals. Their primary duties include designing computer systems, writing coding software and testing computer applications or software.


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Computer Engineer duties and responsibilities

Computer Engineers ensure that both the software programming components and physical hardware components of a company’s system work together smoothly. Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Managing the production of computer hardware
  • Installing and troubleshooting software systems
  • Turning ideas and concepts into products
  • Leading the development team to create new mobile apps
  • Developing a network testing plan for the company’s IT and networking infrastructure
  • Managing the company’s Cloud computer resources and ensuring they are secure
  • Developing computer system guides, manuals and IT  regulations
  • Supervising Junior Software Developers and Software Engineers


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Computer Engineer Job Description Examples:


Example 1

We are Computer Solutions Wales and we cover all IT Aspects, we travel all around the world cover all IT Jobs. Pembs Media was established in 2014, and since then we’ve built up a glowing reputation – not just for providing IT desktop support, but for equipping small companies to achieve their targets for business growth. So why should you choose Computer Solutions Wales? Well, we can think of a few good reasons: We’re reliable It’s just like having your own IT department - but instead of wandering down the hall to report computer faults, you make a call and let our maintenance and support team do the work. We’re efficient Whenever our clients call, we always respond inside an hour. At least 9 times out of 10, the problem is fixed straight away – and if the worst happens, we can rebuild an entire server in less than 8 hours! We’re affordable You will find cheaper IT support companies in the UK, but our flexible maintenance service is highly cost-effective, and designed to give you the service level you need to keep business flowing. We’re punctual We’ll give you a 1-hour window and always deliver on time. Include: Setting up hardware and installing and configure software and drivers Maintaining and repairing technological equipment [website] routers) or peripheral devices Installing well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks and manage components (servers, IPs etc.) Driving up and down the country Job brief We are looking for a qualified Computer Technician To install, maintain and repair computers and networks. You will be the one to ensure that adequate IT infrastructure is in place and is used to its maximum capabilities. As a computer technician you must be well-versed in computer systems and network functions. The ideal candidate will be able to work diligently and accurately and will possess a great problem-solving ability in order to fix issues and ensure functionality. The goal is to install and maintain high quality networks and computer systems. Responsibilities Set up hardware and install and configure software and drivers Maintain and repair technological equipment [website] routers) or peripheral devices Install well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks and manage components (servers, IPs etc.) Manage security options and software in computers and networks to maintain privacy and protection from attacks Perform regular upgrades to ensure systems remain updated Troubleshoot system failures or bugs and provide solutions to restore functionality Arrange maintenance sessions to discover and mend inefficiencies Keep records of repairs and fixes for future reference Offer timely technical support and teach users how to utilize computers correctly Must have a driving licence. Pay will depend on what your qualifications you have and your experience. Expected start date: 02/08/2021 Job Type: Part-time Salary: £8.50-£9.00 per hour Benefits: * Company events * Flexible schedule * On-site parking * Work from home Schedule: * Monday to Friday * Night shift Education: * Certificate of Higher Education (preferred) Experience: * Computer repair: 1 year (preferred) * Driving Licence (preferred) Work remotely: * Yes

What does a Computer Engineer do?

Computer Engineers design, evaluate and maintain computer software and hardware. They are in charge of developing, designing and testing circuit boards, computer processors and network systems.  They also address problems with software or hardware and upgrade them. Computer Engineers create blueprints for computer programs. In addition, they test software and perform audits. Where necessary, they patch software and perform system updates.

As the foremost authority on computers, they also helps the organisation leverage the latest software technologies. They may specialise in hardware engineering or software engineering.


Computer Engineer skills and qualifications

Computer Engineers need more than just a working knowledge of algorithms and a firm grasp of object-oriented modelling. A successful Computer Engineer candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include: 

  • Ability to install and configure operating systems
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve technical problems independently
  • Excellent programming skills, preferably C++, JavaScript, and Java
  • Working knowledge of software design and technology
  • Ability to think critically and logically
  • Excellent unit testing, black box testing and regression testing skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient in networking administration, cloud-based computing systems and security systems


Computer Engineer experience requirements

Prospective Computer Engineers must have in-depth knowledge about how a computer is built and how different parts work. Ideally, someone with hardware experience. They must also have extensive experience working in software engineering, database administration, software development and information security. 

Some employers prefer candidates who have at least three years of experience working in a similar position. For senior roles, employers prefer candidates who have at least seven years of work experience either as a Programmer or Software Developer. Applicants with managerial experience can be a great asset to your organisation.


Computer Engineer education and training requirements

A Computer Engineer typically needs a degree or diploma in computer engineering, computer science or a relevant field. Many employers prefer candidates who have undergone C++ and JAVA programming training. Professional certifications like CompTIA, Cisco and Oracle are a plus. For a senior role, many companies hire candidates with a master’s degree in computer engineering. 


Computer Engineer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Computer Engineer in the UK is  £21,742 per year. Their salary varies depending on several factors, including their experience, geographical location, education and the company.


Job description samples for similar positions

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Computer Engineer job description FAQs


What are the different types of Computer Engineers?

Computer Engineers can work in a variety of areas that require computer engineering. Software Engineers are responsible for coding computer programs, applications and software. Hardware Engineers are responsible for designing and creating the hardware part of the system. Network Engineers design, configure and maintain IT systems and networks.


Who does a Computer Engineer report to?

Computer Engineers work in various industries and usually report to an IT Manager who directly works under the Chief Technology Officer. Computer Engineers who work as independent professionals or consultants report to their clients. 


What's the difference between a Computer Engineer and IT Officer?

A Computer Engineer primarily designs and develops software and hardware, including logic design, architecture and microprocessor systems. An IT Officer deals with the practical applications of software and hardware including installation, maintenance and IT systems management in the organisation.


How can you make your Computer Engineer job description stand out?

To write a good Computer Engineer job description, you must understand what a Computer Engineer does, then write a captivating company overview that will attract potential candidates. Highlight their duties and responsibilities, working conditions and salary expectations. Make sure to use a conventional tone when creating your job description. Stay away from slang, jargon or the need to reference a dictionary. Ensure that your job description is not wordy and distracting. An effective job description helps potential candidates decide whether their skills, values and education match your open role. 

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