Construction Worker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Construction Worker, or Construction Labourer, performs a wide range of manual tasks at construction sites. Their duties include loading and unloading building materials, erecting scaffolding and removing debris.


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Construction Worker duties and responsibilities

Construction Workers handle simple and complex manual tasks at construction sites to ensure project completion on time and within budget. They need to perform difficult physical tasks in the outdoors for extended periods of time and they generally perform the following tasks:

  • Preparing construction sites, tools and materials.
  • Assisting with the transporting, loading and unloading of building materials, equipment and tools.
  • Cleaning the construction site, removing debris, unused materials and hazardous substances.
  • Erecting and dismantling ramps and scaffolding.
  • Demolishing structures based on health and safety regulations.
  • Operating construction equipment, including jackhammers, bulldozers and payloaders.
  • Mix and pour cement to build structures.
  • Assist contractors and tradesmen such as Carpenters, Bricklayers, Masons, Electricians and Plumbers.


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Construction Worker Job Description Examples:

What does a Construction Worker do?

Construction Workers complete physical tasks at construction sites to assist Tradesmen and other contractors for timely project completion. Their tasks include preparing the site for heavy equipment, building and dismantling scaffolding and cleaning up the site at the end of projects. Construction Workers also help to transport, load and unload machinery and building materials and assist with the operation of construction equipment. They also regulate traffic at construction sites and enforce health and safety regulations. Depending on their skills, Construction Workers can also operate heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes and pile drivers.


Construction Worker skills and qualifications

A successful Construction Worker candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed to perform duties at project sites effectively. These skills include:

  • Knowledge of building and construction including basic engineering methods and principles
  • Experience with mixing and pouring construction materials, including mortar, concrete and grout
  • Ability to operate construction equipment such as drills, jackhammers and trench rammers
  • Exceptional hand-eye coordination and balance
  • Physical strength and stamina to complete physically demanding work outdoors for long hours
  • Basic maths skills to take accurate measurements while mixing materials on job sites
  • Ability to work as part of a team and follow instructions


Construction Worker experience requirements

On-site experience is crucial for Construction Workers. These professionals can gain experience by working with experienced tradesmen and contractors at job sites. The role does not have specific years of experience, but candidates need to be knowledgeable in some aspects of building and construction and have a head for heights. They also need proven experience as a Construction Labourer or as a General Labourer.

When hiring a Construction Workers to work with heavy machinery such as dumper trucks and excavators, make sure the applicant is 18 years or over and has a valid driving licence. Some employers also require candidates to use computers and hand-held devices to perform on-site tasks.


Construction Worker education and training requirements

Construction Workers have no particular entry requirements. Most candidates do have the minimum GCSEs qualifications in maths and English. However, some employers require candidates to have a Level 1 Certificate in Construction Skills or Level 2 Certificate in Construction Operations. Construction Workers can also take intermediate apprenticeships as a Construction Operative or Groundworker, which provides on-the-job training and academic studies.

Construction Workers may need to register with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) or its equivalent for training and to work on job sites. Sometimes, employers have to train candidates with a driving licence to work with plant machinery for operating specific equipment.


Construction Worker salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for Construction Worker candidates is £10.48 per hour. Actual salary may depend on the employer, experience, skills, qualifications and location.


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Construction Worker job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Construction Worker?

A successful Construction Worker has exceptional levels of physical fitness because the job requires performing strenuous manual tasks in all weather conditions. Good Construction Workers must be able to understand and follow instructions effectively. They must also have a good understanding of health and safety issues when working on job sites.


What are the day-to-day duties of a Construction Worker?

The daily duties of a Construction Worker include helping tradespeople with every aspect of the building project. They also mix and pour concrete for foundations and floors. Construction Workers also build frames, lay pavements, resurface roads, install drainage pipes and operate compressors and pumps.


Who does a Construction Worker report to?

A Construction Worker reports to different senior members on the site depending on the employer. Most of the time, Construction Workers report to a Site Supervisor, Construction Coordinator or Construction Manager.

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