Customer Service Associate Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Customer Service Associate, or Customer Service Assistant, resolves customer enquiries. Their duties include answering telephone calls, providing customer support and completing some clerical work.


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Customer Service Associate duties and responsibilities

Some of the most common Customer Service Associate duties include:

  • Troubleshooting and providing technical support to customers with product and service issues
  • Gathering information from the Customer Service Manager and other departments to accurately answer customer enquiries
  • Connecting customers with complex enquiries to their Customer Service Manager
  • Following up complex customer enquiries to confirm resolution
  • Entering customer details in company databases and modifying records as required
  • Completing basic clerical work including word processing, copying and filing


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Customer Service Associate Job Description Examples:

What does a Customer Service Associate do?

Customer Service Associates help customers by answering their questions and issues. Their work ensures customers feel valued and satisfied with their business interactions. Customer Service Associates typically provide telephone support to customers. However, some Customer Service Associates deliver online chat and face-to-face customer care.


Customer Service Associate skills and qualifications

Customer Service Associate rely on the following skills to succeed in this role:

  • Verbal communication skills, including active listening, for confidently and clearly resolving queries
  • Written communication and typing skills for Customer Service Associates using web chat
  • Product, service and business knowledge for efficiently answering customer queries
  • Organisation skills for managing multiple customer queries simultaneously
  • Problem-solving skills for resolving complex customer queries
  • Conflict resolution skills for managing interactions with challenging customers
  • Fluency in other languages for some roles


Customer Service Associate experience requirements

Customer Service Associate is an entry-level role, so it does not require any prior experience. However, some businesses prefer hiring Customer Service Associates with previous experience in related roles or from other jobs with similar duties, including answering telephones and performing clerical work.


Customer Service Associate education and training requirements

Most Customer Service Associate roles do not require any specific education or training. However, businesses typically prefer candidates with their GSCEs in English and maths. Businesses typically provide their own on-the-job training for Customer Service Associates. Training courses teach new Customer Service Associates about a business and its top products or services.


Customer Service Associate salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Customer Service Associate is £9.21 per year . Experience, location and company can all impact a Customer Service Associate’s salary.


Job description samples for similar positions

Customer Service Associates use the same skills as professionals in some other similar roles, which may suit your requirements better. If a Customer Service Associate is not exactly what you need, click through for job descriptions of similar positions:


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Customer Service Associate job description FAQs


What qualities do successful Customer Service Associates have?

Successful Customer Service Associates are enthusiastic and positive people. Their charismatic nature helps customers to enjoy their interactions with a business. They are compassionate people who empathise with customers and the issues they face. Relating to the customers they speak to helps them deliver personalised service. Their patience helps them stay calm, resolving issues for challenging customers as they arise.


What are the different types of Customer Service Associates?

The types of Customer Service Associates include: General Customer Service Associates, Technical Customer Service Associates and Online Customer Service Associates. General Customer Service Associates handle all kinds of customer enquiries. 

The other types of Customer Service Associate only handle enquiries based on their specific field. Technical Customer Service Associates guide customers into the use of products and services. Their role focuses on troubleshooting and technical advice. These Customer Service Associates are common in the technology sector. Online Customer Service Associates help customers who’re shopping online. They help customers complete their online transactions. They answer questions about their orders, shipping costs, returns and refunds.


Who does a Customer Service Associate report to?

Customer Service Associates report to a Customer Service Manager. Customer Service Managers supervise teams of Customer Service Associates. Customer Service Associates rely on Customer Service Managers for advice on complex cases. They sometimes take over challenging cases for Customer Service Associates. They may offer refunds or other forms of compensation to ensure customers are positive about doing business. Customer Managers also recruit and train Customer Service Associates.


What makes a good Customer Service Associate job description?

Good Customer Service Associate job descriptions are clear and concise. They should list the full job title in their description to ensure they are searchable. Candidates may skim job descriptions, so using bullet points for desirable traits and job duties will help candidates see the most important information at a glance. While your job description should be professional, it should also be relatable. Use plain English rather than acronyms and industry jargon. Including advantages of joining your team, such as free lunches or flexible work conditions, can encourage people to apply.

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