Dental Practice Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Dental Practice Manager, or Dental Office Manager, is responsible for overseeing the business side of a dental practice to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Their primary duties include recruiting and supervising administrative personnel, managing a records database and processing payroll instructions. 


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Dental Practice Manager duties and responsibilities

A Dental Practice Manager’s duties revolve around general office and business management, human resource management, safety management and facility management. Therefore, a successful Dental Practice Manager fulfils the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Creating duty rotas for Dentists and other staff of the practice
  • Scheduling and confirming dental appointments
  • Filling and maintaining patient medical records
  • Hiring, training and supervising administrative support staff
  • Maintaining a stock list of drugs, stationery and office equipment
  • Managing a record of prescriptions
  • Organising building maintenance, security and cleaning services
  • Ensuring that the practice meets legal, health and safety and other regulatory guidelines


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Dental Practice Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Dental Practice Manager do?

A Dental Practice Manager runs the business side of a dental practice to ensure that the practice functions efficiently and meets its financial targets. They ensure that members of staff are well organised and able to provide patients with a high quality of care. They schedule and chair staff meetings to ensure that operational guidelines are established and followed.  Dental Practice Managers make sure that the business adheres to government regulations. They may also provide reception support to patients. 


Dental Practice Manager skills and qualifications

A Dental Practice Manager needs a combination of office management skills, administrative skills and customer service skills to be able to perform their duties effectively. Here’s a list of the top skills and qualifications required of a Dental Practice Manager:

  • Business management skills
  • Excellent grasp of the English language
  • Strong communication skills
  • Team management skills
  • Knowledge of dental healthcare principles
  • Conflict management skills
  • Attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Good interpersonal skills


Dental Practice Manager experience requirements

Dental Practice Managers need to have at least two years’ experience working in a similar position. Previous experience working in a healthcare setting as an Office Assistant could be useful. In addition, prior experience as a Dental Nurse may be a plus but is not compulsory. A strong background in business management, human resource management and customer service can be useful. Other experience requirements vary based on the specific practice. 

Mid-level Dental Practice Managers typically have three to five years of experience, while senior-level Dental Practice Managers require over five years of experience. 


Dental Practice Manager education and training requirements

Generally, there are no formal education requirements for Dental Practice Manager. However, a degree in b usiness management or business administration would be useful. Possible training requirements include a certificate in health service administration and a Level 3 Diploma in Medical Administration. Some employers require a Level 3 Certificate in Medical Terminology and Level 5 Certificate in Primary Care and Health Management. 

Part-time courses such as the Practice Managers Vocational Training Scheme may also be considered. Dental Practice Managers may also need to complete courses offered by the Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (ADAM). This includes the Dental Business Academy Practice Manager course. 


Dental Practice Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, Dental Practice Managers in the United Kingdom earn an average of £34,496 per year. This figure varies depending on several factors, including the Dental Practice Manager’s level of experience, educational qualifications, the hiring company, geographical location, among other factors.


Job description samples for similar positions

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Dental Practice Manager job description FAQs


What is the difference between a Dental Practice Manager and a Dental Assistant?

A Dental Assistant provides direct support to Dentists in a dental practice, while a Dental Practice Manager handles business management. The Dental Assistant is responsible for laying out dental instruments in preparation for dental procedures and handing the instrument to the Dentist during the procedure. They also give patients dental care advice. Dental Practice Managers are not involved in the process of offering dental care.


Who reports to Dental Practice Manager?

Front office and administrative staff in a dental clinic report to the Dental Practice Manager. These include Dental Assistants, Secretaries and Receptionists. 


What should I look out for in a Dental Practice Manager's CV?

When hiring for a Dental Practice Manager position, look out for experience, skills and qualifications and educational training matching the job description requirements. Take note of unique achievements, awards and other unique information that make the candidate stand out. Dental Practice Managers would benefit from experience working in a dental clinic or similar health setting as a Nurse, so take note of candidates with that experience. 

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