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Dental Technician Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Dental Technician, or Dental Laboratory Technician, designs and creates restorative dental equipment and appliances. Their primary duties include creating dental devices, creating casts of patients’ mouths and filling orders and prescriptions from Dentists.

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Dental Technician duties and responsibilities

Dental Technicians work in a dental laboratory where they fabricate crowns, dentures and bridges to improve a patient’s oral health. Some of their day-to-day duties and responsibilities include:

  • Creating accurate models of patients’ mouth and teeth from the Dentist’s moulds
  • Designing and fabricating dentures, mouth guards, retainers, etc
  • Creating crowns and bridges to restore a patient’s mouth or teeth
  • Making dental composite work and performing diagnostic wax-ups
  • Correcting irregularities in a patient’s dentition using removable or permanent dental devices
  • Replacing missing dental and facial tissue with prostheses
  • Preparing reports on the dental laboratory’s activities
  • Maintaining dental records and other laboratory documentation
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What does a Dental Technician do?

Dental Technicians are technical specialists who fabricate restorative dental prosthetics and devices. They receive moulds and impressions of a patient’s mouth from a Dentist and turns them into finished appliance or prosthetics. The goal is to create prosthetics that look as close as possible to the natural teeth of the patient. Dental Technicians often specialise in a certain field, which allows them to acquire more experience in fabricating a particular type of prosthetic.

Dental Technician skills and qualifications

In order for Dental Technicians to be successful in their career, they must have certain skills and qualifications that help them make finished pieces that look natural. These skills and qualifications include:

  • Manual dexterity and good hand-eye coordination
  • Design skills and creativity
  • Understanding of relevant scientific and mathematical principles
  • Ability to work in a high-pressure environment
  • Understanding of manufacturing and thermo-forming techniques
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Working knowledge of relevant software modelling tools
  • Attention to details

Dental Technician experience requirements

Dental Technicians must have at least two years of experience in the role. A strong foundation in bridge and crown metalwork, prosthetic work and modelling is usually required for this position. Previous experience working in a dental setting or dental laboratory will be useful. This experience can be acquired through a higher apprenticeship or trainee programme.

Mid-level Dental Technicians will require three to five years of experience, while senior-level Dental Technicians will require over five years of experience. They will also need prior experience managing and supervising a team. Other experience requirements will vary based on the hiring company and other factors.

Dental Technician education and training requirements

Dental Technicians must have at least a foundation degree in dental technology, which is approved by the General Dental Council. Some employers accept candidates without a foundation degree, but they must complete a three-year apprenticeship programme. A bachelor’s degree in dental technology is required for some roles. Other training requirements include a level 3 extended diploma in dental technology or a higher education diploma in dental technology.

Dental Technician salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, Dental Technicians in the UK earn an average of £25,555 per year. This figure varies depending on factors, including the level of experience, educational qualifications, the hiring company and its geographical location.

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Dental Technician job description FAQs

What is the difference between a Dental Technician and a Clinical Dental Technician?

Dental Technicians follow the oral and written instructions of Dentists. They don’t have direct contact with patients. Clinical Dental Technicians, on the other hand, are licensed dental care professionals who are qualified and trained to provide a variety of denture services direct to patients. Unlike Dental Technicians, Clinical Dental Technicians have the advanced clinical and technical skills needed to carefully design and fabricate every denture to the patient’s individual requirements.

What are the different types of Dental Technicians?

There are four types of Dental Technicians. These include Conservation Technicians, Maxillofacial Technicians, Prosthodontic Technicians and Orthodontic Technicians. Conservation Technicians specialise in creating and designing crowns and bridges. Maxillofacial Technicians reconstruct facial features and dentition for patients who have been in accidents, suffer from deforming diseases, etc. They work with surgical teams in hospitals. Prosthodontic Technicians design and produce dentures, while Orthodontic Technicians make devices such as braces, brackets and retainers to correct the position of a patient’s teeth

How can I make my Dental Technician job description stand out?

To make your Dental Technician job description, include a brief yet compelling overview of your company, including details about your goals, values and company culture. Also, list the important duties and responsibilities you expect the Dental Technician to perform and outline the skills, qualifications and prior experience they need to perform their job effectively. Mention the benefits or perks your company offer to attract potential candidates. You may also include some graphics or images to add life to your job description and show your company’s personality.

Job Description Examples

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