Director of Sales Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Director of Sales, or Sales Manager, manages the sales operations of a business or organization. Their duties include leading teams of Sales Representatives, creating and implementing strategic sales plans and building and developing enduring customer relationships. 


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Director of Sales duties and responsibilities

A Director of Sales leads and motivates sales teams to achieve sales goals and objectives. Some duties and responsibilities include:

  • Developing and executing strategic plans to achieve sales targets.
  • Leading and motivating teams of Sales Representatives to develop customer relations, increase market share and sales revenue.
  • Designing programmes to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Overseeing sales team recruitment and creating training programmes to train new and existing employees in the sales department.
  • Understanding and communicating the organisation’s value propositions and processes through proposals and presentations.
  • Monitoring supply and demand, competitor offers and costs to determine and adjust selling prices.
  • Forecasting and creating annual sales quotas for regions and territories to determine sales objectives. 
  • Analysing market trends and results to determine annual unit and gross-profit plans.


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Director Of Sales Job Description Examples:

What does a Director of Sales do?

The Director of Sales manages and supervises the sales operations of a company. Sales Directors are expected to write sales reports, estimate profits from sales revenue and devise strategies for meeting sales targets. They also research the offers of competitors and use the information to improve products or services development and market expansion. The Director of Sales also takes part in negotiations of sales contracts. They assess products and services costs and advise on marketing strategies to increase the customer base. Directors of Sales perform leadership roles, including supervising and motivating the sales team to meet and exceed their targets. 


Director of Sales skills and qualifications

A successful Director of Sales candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include: 

  • Proven experience in a senior sales role.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Outstanding persuasion, presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to motivate people.
  • Management experience, including ability to manage multiple projects and achieve sales quotas.
  • Knowledge of competitor research and market trend analysis.
  • Ability to show customers and other client stakeholders the company’s value proposition.


Director of Sales experience requirements

Directors of Sales require several years of sales experience. Employers typically need candidates to have 7 to 10 years of experience in a senior sales role such as Marketing Director or Sales Manager. It helps if the candidate has held senior leadership or managerial positions. Candidates should be knowledgeable in creating client-focused solutions and positioning products and services against competitors. 


Director of Sales education and training requirements

Directors of Sales typically require a bachelor’s degree in business management, sales and marketing management or retail marketing or the higher national diploma equivalent. Employers also consider Director of Sales candidates with a Sales Executive higher apprenticeship. It’s advisable to find candidates with a background in your field, if they will lead a sales team for specialised products or services such as engineering equipment or advanced scientific research software. Proven experience in sales and a solid track record of achieving sales quotas can be used instead of educational qualifications. Desirable professional qualifications for Directors of Sales include those from the Institute of Sales Management. 


Director of Sales salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for Director of Sales candidates in the Uk is £75,149 per year. Actual pay may depend on the industry, experience, qualifications, the employer, location and the exact job duties and responsibilities. 


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Director of Sales job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Director of Sales?

Great Directors of Sales are passionate about their industry and organisation and do everything to motivate their teams to achieve set goals. They are excellent coaches who know how to train their Salespersons on the latest marketing and sales techniques. Sales Directors should be empathetic to the clients’ challenges. They must also have excellent emotional intelligence and be able to inspire others to grow. Successful Directors of Sales are good listeners with outstanding negotiation skills. 


How can you make your Director of Sales job description stand out?

To make your Director of Sales job description stand out, highlight the specific duties and responsibilities of the position. It’s important to mention the experience requirements, skills and qualifications you want to see on the candidate’s CV. Mention the importance of this role to your company’s success and how the ideal candidate will help you achieve sales targets. You can also state the potential earnings for the position.


Who reports to a Director of Sales?

Several members of the sales team report to the Director of Sales. These include Inside Sales Representatives, Outside Sales Representatives and Sales Associates.

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