Event Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Event Coordinator, organises and supervises business, promotional and social events. Their duties include brainstorming with management to enhance an event&’s success, preparing budgets and working with Caterers and other vendors to deliver events that meet the audience&’s requirements.

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Event Coordinator duties and responsibilities

An Event Coordinator helps organisations enhance their brand image by supervising events to ensure that they achieve the set objectives. Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Working with the marketing and public relations departments to prepare budgets, setting deadlines, creating concepts and identifying the objectives of the event
  • Implementing budget, invoicing and logistics
  • Selecting and negotiating with vendors and monitoring their activities to ensure quality control
  • Managing the promotions, communications and branding aspects of the event
  • Supervising Caterers, Junior Event Coordinators and security teams
  • Resolving problems and guest inquiries before and during the event
  • Approving all activities for the event
  • Preparing reports and making a presentation to management after the event
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Event Coordinator Job Description Examples:

What does an Event Manager do?

Companies use Event Coordinator to organise and oversee their events so that the outcome will have the desired impact on their target audience. Event Coordinators plan budgets, manage logistics and security, set deadlines for teams and co-ordinate post-event operations. They meet with other departments to determine the details and goals of events. Event Coordinators ensure that vendors deliver on time, and the event venue is ready. Typical work weeks for Event Coordinators averages about 38 hours. They often have to work away from home and in the outdoors during evenings, weekends and on bank holidays.

Event Coordinator skills and qualifications

A successful Event Coordinator candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, these include: 

  • In-depth understanding of event management procedures
  • Excellent organisational and coordination skills
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
  • Proficiency in digital event promotion tools such as social media channels
  • Customer service skills
  • Understanding of key performance indicators in events management
  • Proficiency in project management tools
  • Excellent multitasking and task prioritisation skills

Event Coordinator experience requirements

In-depth knowledge of public relations, hospitality management, project management and product development is essential for Event Coordinators. Previous experience with local rules and regulations guiding social and corporate events, human resources management and vendor management are also desirable for Event Coordinators. Some employers require Event Coordinators to have worked with large corporate accounts and have experience in planning virtual and live events at local and international levels. There may also be specific experience requirements based on the company or industry. Most Event Coordinator candidates need a minimum of two years of industry experience.

Event Coordinator education and training requirements

Event Coordinators typically require a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree in events management, communications, marketing or advertising. Some employers consider candidates with a Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning or a Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Event Management. Employers also recruit Event Coordinators through an Events Assistant advanced apprenticeship. Some companies select Event Coordinators from the marketing or public relations department. Employers may also consider people with experience in marketing, hospitality or public relations for an Event Manager role even if they don&’t have educational qualifications.

Event Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for Event Coordinator candidates in the UK is £30,054 per year. The actual pay may depend on the employer, industry, location, job duties and responsibilities, experience and skills.

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Event Coordinator job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Event Coordinator?

Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations are important attributes of successful Event Coordinators. Top Event Coordinators are passionate about helping their company achieve its objectives. They are creative and can leverage innovation to deliver events that meet the expectations of the audience. Good Event Coordinators are energetic and inspire others to achieve goals. They also have a keen eye for details which helps them to deliver on key performance indicators.

How can you make your Event Coordinator job description stand out?

To create an Event Coordinator job description that will stand out, describe your organisation&’s work, its vision and what your company&’s events seek to achieve. You can also talk about your audience, their preferred means of engagement and how the Event Coordinator can help improve your brand image through effective promotions and events. Mention whether your events are hosted virtually, or live and the specific skills candidates must have, such as web analytics or vendor selection experience. Try to include the Event Coordinator&’s work schedule, the tools and teams. You can also state any attractive employment benefits your organisation offers.

Who does an Event Coordinator report to?

An Event Coordinator can report to a Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Corporate Affairs Manager or the Head of the Public Relations department.

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