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Fleet Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Fleet Manager, or Transportation Manager ensures that a company’s transport operations are efficient and profitable. Their duties include purchasing or leasing the appropriate vehicles, scheduling regular vehicle maintenance and making recommendations to management regarding more effective processes.

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Fleet Manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Fleet Manager involve many different aspects, including analysis, reporting, budgeting, supervising and negotiating. Although the scope of their duties varies according to the type of industry and the size of the company, generally their main tasks include:

  • Working closely with a Controller or Manager to develop strategies for improved cost efficiency
  • Ensuring that a fleet of vehicles is operating in accordance with legislation and regulations
  • Communicating with Insurance Brokers and organising the appropriate insurance for Drivers and vehicles
  • Assisting with the drafting and implementation of effective policies and processes regarding fleet operations
  • Managing strict vehicle maintenance and servicing schedules to minimise downtime
  • Monitoring Driver behaviour and taking disciplinary action where necessary
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records of vehicle inspections and services
  • Monitoring fleet costs and ensuring that they remain within budget
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Fleet Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Fleet Manager do?

Fleet Managers are logistics specialists who function as the main point of contact for all fleet-related issues in an organisation. Apart from ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy, registered and licensed, Fleet Managers also look after a company’s team of drivers. Their supervisory duties typically include developing efficient driver schedules, establishing training needs and facilitating regular meetings. In addition, Fleet Managers deal directly with fleet providers and handle the negotiation of contractual terms. These professionals work for various types of businesses, including rental car and transportation companies, and the fleets they manage can consist of planes, helicopters, trains or trucks.

Fleet Manager skills and qualifications

Despite the fact that a large part of a Fleet Manager’s job involves looking after a company’s vehicles, they also interact with people throughout their working day. Whether they are keeping Drivers informed of schedule changes, reporting to a Manager or dealing with fleet providers, Fleet Managers need strong interpersonal and communication skills. A successful Fleet Manager candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include: 

  • Good leadership skills to motivate, guide and inspire a team of Drivers
  • Solid writing skills to produce clear and effective documentation and reports
  • Proficiency in relevant software programs, including databases and spreadsheets
  • Good analytical skills to effectively analyse fleet data and draw accurate conclusions
  • Excellent organisational skills to cope with a fast-changing environment and multiple concurrent tasks
  • Solid negotiation skills to successfully handle purchases and contracts
  • Knowledge of relevant environmental and safety laws and regulations
  • Basic financial literacy to understand financial sheets and manage a fleet budget

Fleet Manager experience requirements

Fleet Managers typically have a background in logistics, procurement or supply chain management. Depending on the position, candidates may need experience in fleet management or must have general supervisory or managerial experience. Typically, these professionals need a proven track record of supervising staff, maintaining profitable, safe and compliant operations and delivering effective reporting and data analysis.

Fleet Manager education and training requirements

Although this is not a requirement, Fleet Managers often hold a degree or higher national diploma in subjects like logistics and transport management. Candidates can also demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the field by obtaining professional qualifications. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), offers a variety of relevant qualifications, such as a Level 3 Certificate in Logistics and Transport. It’s also possible to enter this profession through an apprenticeship.

Fleet Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Fleet Manager in the UK is £35,843 per year. Salaries, however, will differ depending on variables like employer and location.

Job description samples for similar positions

If this job description doesn’t adequately describe the job opening you have, here are a few job description samples of similar positions to look at:

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Fleet Manager job description FAQs

What are the hours of a Fleet Manager?

Fleet Managers typically have normal Monday to Friday, 40-hours a week. However, during busy periods or emergency situations, these professionals may need to work evenings and over weekends.

What makes a good Fleet Manager job description?

When crafting a Fleet Manager job description, try to strike a balance between providing adequate information about the requirements of the job, while keeping the description concise. By doing this, you’ll attract candidates who are adequately qualified, while also preventing applicants who may be ideal for the job from not applying due to a long list of requirements.

Job Description Examples

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