HGV Technician Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An HGV Technician, Heavy Goods Vehicle Mechanic services and repairs heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) that are often used for distribution and hauling. Their primary duties include routine vehicle maintenance to meet VOSA standards, diagnosis of vehicle equipment and preparation of vehicles for MOT inspections. 

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HGV Technician duties and responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of HGV Technicians include providing routine maintenance and repairs to equipment and vehicles of different manufactures and models. Their other main duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Performing major and minor repairs to heavy goods vehicles, trailers and other vehicles in the company fleet
  • Performing regular inspection and general preventive maintenance services such as tyre rotation and oil changes 
  • Maintaining inventory in the workshop and cleanliness from oil spills and dust
  • Working with repair teams to help diagnose and plan repairs for the vehicles 
  • Maintaining records of vehicles that have been repaired or handled 
  • Providing repair services to clients on the road in case of emergencies 
  • Completing relevant documentation and paperwork as required and providing warranty claims or escalating them to higher management 
  • Providing in-house training to recruits and trainees
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HGV Technician Job Description Examples:

What does an HGV Technician do? 

HGV Technicians perform routine maintenance, diagnosis and repairs to heavy goods vehicles. They ensure that trucks meet an organisation’s safety and customer service standards. HGV Technicians may also provide urgent assistance to customers when they are out on the road. 

HGV Technicians often work for private companies with a large fleet of heavy goods vehicles, trailers, tractor units and other related equipment. They tend to have 40-hour per week contracts, but should also be available for critical emergency call-outs in case of accidents and break-downs. 

HGV Technician skills and qualifications

The HGV Technician job requires specialised vehicle knowledge and organisational skills with the ability to work under pressure with constant deadlines. A successful HGV Technician will also have various prerequisite skills and and qualifications that include:

  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment and customer-demanding situations
  • Ability to perform well independently and as part of a team 
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to follow written or spoken instructions 
  • Ability to work under tight instructions and concentrate over long periods of time
  • Excellent understanding of vehicle technology 
  • A strong commitment to the industry and keen knowledge of the latest technology relating to HGVs 
  • Keen awareness of health and safety standards of vehicles
  • Excellent problem-solving and practical skills 

HGV Technician experience requirements 

HGV Technician candidates must have at least three years of experience working with heavy goods vehicles, welding equipment and municipal vehicles. They must be accustomed to performing light repairs and commercial maintenance operations. Additional experience working with maintenance tools, hydraulics, 12/24v electrical systems and computer systems relating to vehicles are preferable. 

HGV Technician education and training requirements 

The minimum HGV Technician education requirements vary depending on the employer, but candidates with an A-Level certificate is preferable. Some organisations may prefer hiring candidates with post-secondary diplomas such as the Heavy Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Training, Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair or Diploma in Vehicle Technology. There are plenty of additional short training courses that candidates can take to acquire the required skills to qualify for the position, including the Diploma in Valves and Fittings and Vehicle Mechanic  Bundle.

HGV Technician salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an HGV Technician in the UK is £34,085 per year, depending on factors like experience, education, location and company. 

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HGV Technician job description FAQs

What's the difference between an Automotive Service Mechanic and an HGV Technician?

The main difference is that an Automotive Service Mechanic fixes broken cars and trucks and performs routine maintenance checks, while an HGV Technician works on engines of trucks, buses, HGVs and industrial equipment. Automotive Service Mechanics can also specialise in areas such as computer systems, engines or brakes. 

What makes a good HGV Technician job description?

A good HGV Technician job description includes information on how the candidate will apply for the advertised position. If the application is to be done online, include an email or submission form. For offline application, include a physical address to your organisation and specific instructions on whether they should send mail or appear for an interview in person. 

Who does an HGV Technician report to?

HGV Technicians typically report directly to the Workshop Manager and are part of a team that work in shifts. 

What should you look for in an HGV Technician CV?

An HGV Technician CV must include information on the duties performed in previous work experience. They should list the main types of vehicles they have worked on and their relevance to your company.

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