Hotel Receptionist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Hotel Receptionist, or Front Desk Officer is responsible for welcoming guests and acting as their first point of contact. They log issues or requests and pass them to the correct member of staff, provide information and advice to guests and act as ambassadors for the hotel.

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Hotel Receptionist duties and responsibilities

Hotel Receptionists undertake a range of activities in a typical working day, and their duties include:

  • Welcoming guests and checking their details against their bookings
  • Allocating guests their rooms and providing keys
  • Answering phones from prospective customers and guests, taking messages and delivering them
  • Completing administrative tasks such as filing and photocopying
  • Responding to requests for help and information
  • Providing concierge services, such as booking theatre tickets. arranging travel and providing information about local amenities and attractions
  • Preparing room bills and ensuring prompt payments
  • Checking guests out, taking payments and returning deposits
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Hotel Receptionist Job Description Examples:

What does a Hotel Receptionist do?

Hotel Receptionists are the public face of a hotel and contribute to the guests’ enjoyment of their hotel stay experience. They book in guests as they arrive, provide information about the hotel facilities and keep accurate records of bookings. They also deal with additional requests from guests and manage incoming phone calls and emails, post and deliveries. In larger hotels, there may be a team of Receptionists that are responsible for maintaining uninterrupted services to guests. Smaller hotels typically have one or two Hotel Receptionists.

Hotel Receptionist skills and qualifications

A successful Hotel Receptionist candidate needs to be able to deal with a range of different situations calmly and practically. They will also have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that include:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Flexibility and the ability to respond appropriately to changing situations
  • Discretion and sensitivity
  • The ability to maintain professional standards under pressure
  • Strong IT skills and knowledge of booking systems and software
  • Excellent administration and organisational skills

Hotel Receptionist experience requirements

There are no specific experience requirements for Hotel Receptionists, but some employers prefer candidates with at least one year of experience working in a similar role. Previous jobs in retail or other similar positions are helpful, especially those that require the ability to handle difficult situations and manage customer expectations effectively. Experience of administration and data handling is an advantage, as is any previous experience of providing personal services to clients or customers.

Hotel Receptionist education and training requirements

Hotel Receptionists do not need specific educational achievements, although most employers expect candidates to have some GCSE passes, or equivalent, particularly in maths and English. Customer service or administrative training is an advantage, as is any certification in hospitality or hotel management. Most roles offer training on the job, but some courses specifically target the skills needed to be a Hotel Receptionist such as the City and Guilds Diploma in Reception and Front Office Services or a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Diploma in Front of House Reception. Training in conflict resolution, computer skills or time management is also a bonus.

Hotel Receptionist salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Hotel Receptionist in the UK is £15,147 per year. However, this salary depends on the size of the hotel, the responsibilities and the locality.

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Hotel Receptionist job description FAQs

Who does a Hotel Receptionist report to?

Hotel Receptionists’ reporting structure depends on the size of the hotel in which they are working. In larger hotels and chain of hotels, Hotel Receptionists typically report to a Reception Manager or a Front of House Manager. They may be part of the Guest Relations team and report to the Team Leader or Manager. In smaller hotels, the Hotel Receptionist may report directly to the Hotel Manager.

What qualities make a good Hotel Receptionist?

As the public face of the business, Hotel Receptionists need to be friendly and personable. The need to be able to build rapport with guests. Candidates who go beyond the scope of their role to ensure that a customer is happy, or provide additional support to guests that need it are an asset to the team. Hotel Receptionists should be able to work closely with the rest of the team and a willingness to help out when needed is also beneficial.

What makes a good Hotel Receptionist job description?

Include details of the Hotel Receptionist’s responsibilities and primary duties. State any specific education or experience requirements to attract the most suitable candidates. If there are any perks to the job, such as discounted rates at hotels in the chain, staff meals when on shift or bonuses related to performance, then mention these in your job description to encourage a wide range of applicants.

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