Housekeeper Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Housekeeper, or Maid is responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and shared spaces within homes and hotels. Their primary duties include washing linen, disposing of waste properly and organising rooms.

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Housekeeper duties and responsibilities

A Housekeeper does more than sweep, mop and wax floors in a home or hotel. They run errands and manage wardrobe as well. In some places, they do the shopping and help Cooks in the kitchen. Other duties and responsibilities of a Housekeeper may include:

  • Cleaning and arranging guest rooms 
  • Washing dirty bedding, clothing and linen
  • Stocking and maintaining an inventory of housekeeping supplies
  • Receiving visitors and showing guests around
  • Dusting furniture or fixtures and polishing them
  • Scrubbing and sanitising showers, bathtubs, toilets, countertops and sinks
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets, doormats and rugs
  • Reporting breakages, damages and safety issues for repairs
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Housekeeping Job Description Examples:

What does a Housekeeper do?

Housekeepers perform general cleaning tasks, such as mopping floors, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, making beds, vacuuming and dusting. They work either in commercial establishments or private homes. Besides cleaning, they pick up rubbish and move it to designated areas in the home or facility. They also take care of finishes, antiques and fine fabrics. 

The more heavy-duty version of a Housekeeper is a Janitor, who keeps hotels, retail stores, hospitals, schools, office buildings and other places sanitary, clean and in good condition. 

Housekeeper skills and qualifications

A Housekeeper needs a range of skills and qualifications to perform their duties effectively. A successful Housekeeper candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Ability to read and follow signs and written instructions
  • Mature, responsible and friendly behaviour
  • Ability to use hand or lightweight cleaning tools
  • Physical fitness to lift heavy objects and work while standing
  • Ability to adhere to strict hygiene and cleanliness standards set by management
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to operate cleaning equipment and stand for long hours
  • Physical strength to lift heavy objects or furniture

Housekeeper experience requirements

Many employers prefer to hire candidates with previous experience in housekeeping. Candidates can gain housekeeping experience by working in commercial establishments, hospitals or private homes. Candidates for an entry-level hotel housekeeping position must complete on-the-job training, which usually includes working alongside an experienced Housekeeper. Candidates with culinary or cooking experience is a plus. 

Housekeeping education and training requirements

The housekeeping role doesn’t require formal education. However, candidates need to have basic knowledge of maths and English. Candidates with a GCSE certificate or its equivalent can apply. Anyone with a basic education can perform most housekeeping duties. Some employers may require candidates to obtain industry-recognised certifications, such as the Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Housekeeping), Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Industry Skills (Housekeeping) and Level 3 Award in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Principles. 

Housekeeper salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Housekeeper in the UK is £9.54 per hour. Their actual salary varies depending on factors, including their employer, work experience, geographical location and the scope of their job. 

Job description samples for similar positions

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Housekeeper job description FAQs

What should you look for in a Housekeeper CV?

Look for their work history, customer service skills and ability to follow instructions. Anyone who has worked as a Cleaner or Housekeeping Assistant certainly knows a lot about hygiene, tidiness and cleanliness. Check the applicant’s accomplishments as a Housekeeper and their track record. If they have worked in a team and without incidents, they can be a great fit. Certifications and training also show their commitment to pursue knowledge and improve themselves.

What is the difference between a Housekeeper and a House Manager?

A Housekeeper ensures that guests have clean and safe rooms and facilities, while a House Manager supervises all the operations and activities within the home. Unlike a Housekeeper who does laundry and organises the house, a House Manager oversees the recruitment and training of staff. 

How can you make your Housekeeping job description stand out?

If you want to attract local candidates, create a Housekeeper job description that targets your local area. Mention the location somewhere in the advertisement. Also, be straightforward with the title. Instead of saying Housekeeping Pro, say Senior Housekeeper. Use keywords such as ‘housekeeping,’ ‘cleaning,’ ‘live-in housekeeper’ or ‘housekeeping role’ in your city. Share as many details about the Housekeeping role as possible and make your job description shareable online, especially on social media and job boards.

Do Housekeepers have different responsibilities in different industries?

Yes, they do. Residential Housekeepers keep a home clean and tidy. Hotel Housekeepers maintain rooms and attend to guests. Hospital Housekeepers create a safe and hygienic environment for patients while providing them with companionship.

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