HR Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An HR Assistant, or Human Resources Assistant, is a credentialed professional who performs daily administrative and human resources duties in an organisation. Their duties include assisting with recruitment, payroll processing, compiling and maintaining records.


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HR Assistant duties and responsibilities

An HR Assistant performs a wide range of human resources functions. Their duties include recruiting, hiring and training new and existing employees. HR Assistants also help plan programs and processes designed to improve employee welfare. They manage payroll, maintain vital employee records and ensure the smooth operation of the HR department. HR Assistants typical responsibilities include:

  • Assisting HR with the process of recruitment, including vetting candidates, assisting with interviews and issuing employment contracts
  • Supporting internal and external inquiries and requests related to the HR department
  • Compiling and maintaining paper, digital and electronic employee records, including holiday and sickness leaves
  • Processing payroll and assisting with the documentation of employee compensation and benefits
  • Supporting HR-related training programs, workshops and seminars
  • Entering employee data into computer database
  • Coordinating logistics for new hire orientations 
  • Writing and submitting reports on general HR activities 
  • Overseeing HR events and meetings and coordinating management-employee communications
  • Continuously learn the latest HR best practices to improve workplace efficiency 


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HR Assistant Job Description Examples:

What does an HR Assistant do?

An HR Assistant supports a company’s human resources department in the daily administration of its activities. They assist with employee recruitment, training and staff relations. HR Assistants help create a productive work environment by designing, implementing and monitoring management’s employee development processes, programs and policies. The HR Assistant also serves as a liaison between the human resources department and employees for effective communication and conflict resolution. Additionally, HR Assistants coordinate meetings and maintain personnel records. 


HR Assistant skills and qualifications

Depending on the role and the employer, HR Assistants may require a university degree, an apprenticeship or specialist courses from various professional bodies in the human resources industry. A successful HR Assistant candidate has various prerequisite skills/qualifications needed to perform duties effectively including:

  • Three or more years experience as an HR Assistant or related position
  • Working knowledge of HR functions and best practices
  • Knowledge of employment law and human resources responsibilities
  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills 
  • Full understanding of payroll practices
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills  
  • Knowledge of computer applications and HR-specific software programs


HR Assistant experience requirements

The ideal HR Assistant has an in-depth understanding of human resources practices and labour laws. They are experienced in recruitment processes, including writing and posting job ads on recruitment sites, conducting background checks on applicants and assisting with interviews. 

The best candidates possess proficiency in general and human resources computer programs including MS Office and ADP Workforce Now. They can also maintain employee records, know how to process payroll and create employment and termination letters. An experienced Human Resources candidate has excellent written and verbal communication skills, works well under pressure and is adept at organising the office. 


HR Assistant education and training requirements

Depending on the role and the company, HR Assistants require at least a university degree in Human Resources Management, Personnel Management or a related field. In some cases, candidates with diplomas, certificates or experience in a similar position can also qualify for an HR Assistant role including a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in a related field. Additionally, candidates also need certifications from professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Employers may consider candidates who have completed apprenticeships in a relevant role for an HR Assistant position. This is particularly useful if the position requires a candidate with a good understanding of the employment regulations and HR practices of a specific industry. 


HR Assistant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of an HR Assistant is £22,378 per year. However, the salary may depend on several factors, including years of experience, the company, location and job responsibilities. 


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HR Assistant job description FAQs


What skills should an HR Assistant have?

An experienced HR Assistant needs to have the following skills to excel in this position:

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of computers, multi-media equipment and handheld digital devices
  • Administrative and clerical skills, including report writing, record keeping and scheduling 
  • Spreadsheet preparation and presentation skills 
  • Knowledge of resume databases and Applicant Tracking System software 
  • Excellent organisational skills 
  • Ability to handle confidential information with discretion


What are some HR competencies?

The competencies of an HR Assistant include:

  • Leadership
  • Relationship-building
  • Communication
  • Analytical and critical thinking


What does an HR Assistant do daily?

HR Assistants carry out several functions everyday, including:

  • Administering tests and organising training for employees 
  • Assisting during the recruitment process and conducting orientation for new staff members
  • Maintaining employee records and processing payroll
  • Organising meetings between management and employees


Who does an HR Assistant report to?

An HR Assistant reports directly to the next senior person in the human resources department. Depending on the organisational hierarchy, the person may be the HR Manager, HR Director or a supervisor.

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