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Inventory Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Inventory Manager, or Stock Control Manager, monitors, organises and replenishes a company’s products and supplies. Their primary duties include monitoring inventory levels, ordering new stock as needed and checking shipments and deliveries.

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Inventory Manager duties and responsibilities

The duties of an Inventory Manager incorporates many different aspects, such as management, analysis, forecasting and reporting. The range and scope of their responsibilities differs depending on the type and size of the company, generally their tasks include:

  • Designing and implementing an inventory tracking system to accurately monitor stock levels
  • Sourcing suppliers and fostering good relationships with them
  • Preparing and documenting daily deliveries and shipments
  • Preparing reports and advising management on strategies to reduce cost and improve procedures
  • Maintaining an accurate inventory database that includes detailed information on available stock
  • Purchasing new stock and negotiating favourable contracts with suppliers
  • Working closely with sales, purchasing and other relevant departments to organise the efficient flow of inventory
  • Ensuring that inventory and warehouse staff follow relevant health and safety regulations
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Inventory Manager Job Description Examples:

What does an Inventory Manager do?

Inventory Managers are responsible for ensuring that a company’s inventory levels are sufficient to meet the demands of customers at all times. They also guard against overstocking items, to prevent possible storage issues and free up a company’s cash for other operations. To maintain appropriate stock levels, Inventory Managers analyse data, such as sales figures and customer demand, to forecast inventory needs. An Inventory Manager also typically leads a team of Inventory Clerks or warehouse employees.

Inventory Manager skills and qualifications

Inventory Managers interact with people throughout their working day, whether they are collaborating with theircoworkers colleagues in other departments, reporting to upper management or communicating with suppliers. Therefore they must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. A successful Inventory Manager candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, these typically include: 

  • Strong leadership skills to effectively manage an inventory team
  • Working knowledge of inventory management software and other relevant programs
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills to ensure efficient inventory operations
  • The ability to multitask, as they often work on several tasks simultaneously
  • Strong analytical skills to accurately forecast inventory needs
  • A broad understanding of end-to-end supply chain and operations processes

Inventory Manager experience requirements

Inventory Managers often have a logistics or supply chain background. Depending on the position, candidates may need previous experience working as an Inventory Manager or a similar position. Some employers accept candidates who have some experience leading a team and managing stocks. Some companies also consider candidates who have experience in various inventory management systems.

Inventory Manager education and training requirements

Although there are no fixed education and training requirements for this occupation, Inventory Managers often have a bachelor’s degree or higher national diploma in subjects like inventory management, supply chain management, operations or business administration. Candidates can also develop their skills and knowledge in the field by obtaining professional qualifications. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), for instance offers a range of relevant qualifications, such as a Level 2 Diploma in Warehousing and Storage or a Level 4 Certificate in Purchasing and Supply Operations.

Inventory Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of an Inventory Manager in the UK, is £33,864 per year. This figure varies depending on factors, including the employer, location of the job and the level of experience required of the applicant.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Inventory Manager job description FAQs

What's the difference between an Inventory Manager and a Supply Chain Manager?

Inventory Management is a subdivision of Supply Chain Management. Whereas an Inventory Manager controls a company’s inventory, a Supply Chain Manager oversees all stages of the movement of products along the supply chain. This may include the transformation of raw materials into finished goods and the movement of goods from distribution centres to stores and customers.

What are the hours of an Inventory Manager?

Inventory Managers typically have normal Monday to Friday, 40-hours a week. However, their work hours may be more irregular and include late nights and weekends in some work environments, such as the retail or hospitality industries.

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