Investment Banker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Investment Banker, or Investment Banking Analyst helps organisations and individuals raise money in the capital market. Their duties include providing financial advisory services, assisting in mergers and acquisition services and supervising private equity settlements.  

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Investment Banker duties and responsibilities 

The primary responsibility of an Investment Banker is to use their financial expertise to advise clients on how to best achieve their financial plans. Their key duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Conducting research, analysing upcoming companies and reviewing financial statements and market trends 
  • Creating and implementing financial models to be used in reviewing deals and determining the probability of investments 
  • Leading and supporting clients to expand their corporate and personal enterprises 
  • Preparing legal records and financial files to complete investments, purchases and acquisition of companies 
  • Providing strategic advice to clients and identifying new and more profitable deals
  • Coordinating financial teams and related professionals such as Accountants, Lawyers and PR Executives and working with them closely
  • Liaising with other professionals to structure and negotiate terms of deals 
  • Examining all financial risks and giving advice 
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Investment Banker Job Description Examples:


Example 1

PS Ltd require FLT Reach and Counterbalance Driver's in Role involves organising stock into allocated bays and movement of items in the warehouse. You must also be flexible enough and be willing to undertake some picking and packing duties. Other general warehouse duties are also included in this job role. Training and assessing will be on a day shift - *0800 – 1600.* Then will move to night shift *1800 – 0600 4 on 4 off*. In-house licenses are also accepted. Will be beneficial to have Reach and Counterbalance but not essential. This is an ongoing position for the right candidate and could lead to long term work. You must have your own PPE which includes a hi-vis and safety boots, these are not provided on site. If you are interested in this role click on the apply now button or CALL [phone number]7 for more information. Job Type: Full-time Salary: £10.00-£12.00 per hour Work remotely: * No

What does an Investment Banker do? 

An Investment Banker advises individuals or companies on what type of securities to issue, such as bonds or stocks, and at what price, when and how to issue them. They also handle the underwriting process — the placement of securities with investors. In addition to working with private businesses and publicly traded companies, an Investment Banker also underwrites bonds and other kinds of debt securities. 

Beyond the financing activities of a company, an Investment Banker also handles a range of other complex financial transactions. For instance, they may help facilitate merger and acquisition (M&A) processes by providing advice and other relevant services to companies involved on either side of a transaction. They may help an M&A client in deal negotiation, strategy formation and company valuation. An Investment Banker may also finance the final deal if it requires the issuance of new stock or debt. 

Investment Banker skills and qualifications 

Investment Bankers often work for long hours under constant pressure to achieve financial targets and must possess great determination and dedication to their work. A successful Investment Banker candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:  

  • Strong analytical and numerical skills to interpret financial data into an understandable format 
  • Excellent leadership, team-management skills and the ability to motivate others 
  • Good verbal and written communication skills to build good relationships with clients 
  • Excellent negotiation and marketing skills to create marketing material 
  • In-depth understanding of financial structures and market trends 
  • Self-motivation skills and the ability to manage time effectively 
  • Ability to make difficult decisions and great self-confidence 

Investment Banker experience requirements 

Investment Bankers often require at least three years of experience as an Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Business Advisor or other financial related roles. They must have experience working in a fast-paced and team-based work environment. Candidates with experience working in a marketing field can have essential deal structuring and closing skills. They will also have experience performing research, analysis and explaining market events. 

Investment Banker education and training requirements

Investment Bankers have no specific education requirements. Many investment banks and employers hire candidates from all fields, but transferable skills garnered from degrees like economics, finance, business administration and other finance-related courses give candidates an advantage in the job market. It’s essential that candidates have an in-depth understanding of financial policies and current affairs. Candidates with additional training in office packages and financial analysis are also preferable. 

Investment Banker salary expectations 

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for an Investment Banker in the UK is £12.72 per hour, depending on factors like experience, education, location and company. 

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Investment Banker job description FAQs

What are the different types of Investment Bankers?

There are three different types of Investment Bankers:

  • Corporate Finance Investment Bankers: These bankers focus on providing knowledge of mergers and acquisition.
  • Debt Capital Investment Bankers: This type of investment banker focuses on lenders such as financial institutions
  • Equity Capital Investment Bankers: These bankers focus on advising clients on how much capital to raise and how. 

What's the difference between an Investment Banker and Financial Analyst?

The main difference between the two roles is that Financial Analysts merge on different types of careers, while Investment Bankers focus on investment banking. Financial Analysts analyse the condition of a business or asset and advise clients of its profitability.

What should you look for in an Investment Banker CV?

Look for candidates who have worked in a similar industry or company to yours and performed the same duties of financial analysis. Candidates with more financial academics are more likely to fit the position and possess the required skills in your industry. A good Investment Banker CV must also give detailed information on previous experiences and achievements with proof. 

Who does an Investment Banker report to?

Investment Bankers typically report to Vice Presidents, Directors or Managing Directors. They have more access to clients than Analysts and Associates.

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