Kitchen Porter Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Kitchen Porter, or Kitchen Steward is responsible for assisting other kitchen staff like Cooks, Chefs, Supervisors or Managers. Their primary duties include cleaning the kitchen, shopping for supplies, equipment and organising food and other items in the stockroom.


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Kitchen Porter duties and responsibilities

Kitchen Porters can be found working anywhere that food is prepared on a large scale. Most commonly in restaurants, but also in school cafeterias, hospital kitchens and hotels. Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning and sterilising countertops, kitchen walls, stoves, ovens, grills and sinks
  • Cleaning the entire kitchen once it is closed to ensure it is ready for the next day
  • Maintaining the food storage areas like freezers and refrigerators
  • Receiving deliveries and organising them in the kitchen
  • Washing dirty dishes like cutlery, pots, cutting boards and pans or loading dishes into the dishwasher
  • Removing kitchen waste from waste containers and disposing of them properly 
  • Cleaning and maintaining cooking equipment like cookers, pots and food mixers
  • Supporting the Chef in basic food preparation like cutting ingredients, peeling and washing food items
  • Providing assistance to Prep Cooks and other kitchen staff, as needed


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What does a Kitchen Porter do?

Kitchen Porters typically work in an industrial or commercial kitchen as a support person. They are not usually involved in the actual preparation of food, but keep things organised and clean so that Food Prep Assistants and Chefs can perform their duties efficiently. Kitchen Porters are often considered as one of the lowest ranking members of the kitchen staff, but their job is nonetheless crucial. Without someone on hand to keep things running smoothly, other kitchen staff could easily fall behind. 


Kitchen Porter skills and qualifications

A successful Kitchen Porter candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications to perform their duties effectively, these include:

  • Ability to communicate with the Kitchen Managers, Cooks and customers
  • Thorough attention to detail, excellent time management and critical thinking skills
  • In-depth knowledge of kitchen safety and health regulations
  • Excellent stamina to work long hours
  • Excellent stress management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Teamwork skills to collaborate with colleagues
  • Ability to follow all instructions given


Kitchen Porter experience requirements

Kitchen Porters must have at least one year of experience operating and maintaining cooking equipment. They must also have proven experience working in a commercial kitchen environment and lifting heavy tools and kitchen equipment. Experience in food handling and food safety and health regulations is crucial.


Kitchen Porter education and training requirements

There are usually no educational requirements for a Kitchen Porter position. However, many employers prefer candidates who have at least a GCSE or its equivalent. Some employers prefer candidates who have industry-recognised certifications, such as the Level 1 Food Safety Award, Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Award or Level 2 Food Safety Awards. 


Kitchen Porter salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Kitchen Porter in the UK is £8.77 per hour. Their actual salary varies depending on factors, including their experience, geographic location and employer. 


Job description samples for similar positions

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Kitchen Porter job description FAQs


What is the difference between a Kitchen Porter and Kitchen Manager?

A Kitchen Porter is a junior employee who helps Chefs and Cooks clean the kitchen, prepare ingredients and shop for supplies. The Kitchen Manager is in charge of kitchen operations and budget. They ensure that Cooks prepare meals in a clean and safe environment. They oversee and recruit kitchen staff. 


What should you look for in a Kitchen Porter CV?

Look for the candidate’s  accomplishments. Make sure the CV demonstrates the candidate’s understanding of kitchen routine and procedures. Check how many years they have worked in the kitchen. Look for evidence of their ability to work well in a team, as they’re going to be working with other kitchen staff. Applicants with outstanding kitchen safety records can be a great asset.


What are the different types of Kitchen Porters?

While Kitchen Porters have the same work background, they can pursue different careers and have various roles. Some of them work as Dishwashers and Pot Washers, cleaning utensils and cooking equipment. Others work as Kitchen Assistants to Chefs and Cooks, ensuring that kitchen operations run smoothly.


How can you make your Kitchen Porter job description stand out?

To make your Kitchen Porter stand out, be upfront about exactly what educational background, training, skills, equipment proficiency and other qualifications applicants must have to qualify for the role. List these qualifications using bullet points so that candidates can easily skim through the list and quickly determine whether they should apply. Also, indicate the job’s compensation and benefits, including health insurance, paid holidays, housing benefits or pension plans. 

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