Lettings Consultant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Lettings Consultant, or Letting Agent manages rental properties on behalf of property owners. Their duties include responding to tenants’ requests, drawing up letting agreements and day-to-day management of tenants.

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Lettings Consultant duties and responsibilities 

Letting Consultants are responsible for the letting and management of rental properties. Their typical duties and responsibilities include:

  • Advising property owners and tenants about the letting process, tenancy agreements and rents
  • Setting up viewings and showing tenants around rental properties
  • Preparing tenancy agreements and processing deposit protection
  • Screening tenants to ensure only reliable and responsible individuals rent properties
  • Verifying tenant references, serving termination notices and supervising evictions
  • Ensuring letting agreements meet legal and regulatory requirements of the property market
  • Handling maintenance issues to ensure tenants get value for money
  • Recruiting Builders, Suppliers, Cleaners and other services required to keep rental properties in proper condition
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What does a Lettings Consultant do?

Property owners employ Lettings Consultants to manage rental properties on their behalf. They can work at a client’s home or from an office. The Lettings Consultant is responsible for finding tenants, setting up viewings of properties for tenants and negotiating and collecting rent. They also oversee every aspect of managing the tenancy of rental properties, including preparing tenancy agreements, ordering inventories and ensuring that tenants get quality service. Lettings Consultants generally work 40 hours per week. They have flexible days, but may also need to work during evenings and weekends.

Lettings Consultant skills and qualifications

A successful Lettings Consultant candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed to perform their duties effectively. These include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the rental and property development and management industry
  • Strong persuasion and negotiation skills to win reliable tenants and increase the property owners’ revenue
  • Excellent customer service skills to create and maintain trustworthy relationships with tenants and property owners
  • Confidence and strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong sales skills and commercial awareness
  • Knowledge of the marketing methods in the properties industry
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effective communication with clients

Lettings Consultant experience requirements

All Lettings Consultant positions typically require a sound foundation in property management and development, commercial and residential letting, negotiation and drafting tenancy agreements. Previous experience in customer services, business management and soliciting is also helpful. Other experience requirements may depend on the client, location and whether the property is for commercial or residential purposes. Entry and mid-level Lettings Consultants need two to five years of experience. Senior Lettings Consultants may require eight to 10 years of experience in residential and commercial property management. Employers can substitute experience with professional training when recruiting for entry-level Lettings Consultant roles.

Lettings Consultant education and training requirements

Lettings Consultants do not have specific experience and training requirements. Many employers recruit candidates who have completed a Housing and Property Management Assistant Intermediate Apprenticeship. Some companies choose Lettings Consultant candidates from Administrators who have gained relevant skills and experiences. Most employers will employ candidates with GCSEs or equivalent qualifications if they have work experience. Some employers require candidates to have professional training from the National Federation of Property Professionals and The Chartered Institute of Housing.

Lettings Consultant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Lettings Consultant in the UK is £22,657 per year. The actual pay may depend on the employer, location, industry, experience, education and specific job duties and responsibilities.

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Lettings Consultant job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Lettings Consultant?

An effective Lettings Consultant must have a strong character and be personable to gain the trust of clients and build lasting relationships. They should also be resilient, driven and ambitious people. Good Lettings Consultants must be client-centric and always work for the best interests of tenants and property owners. The role requires candidates to have a flair for talking with people and persuading them to rent the properties. They must also be highly responsive to the needs and sensibilities of clients and know the latest trends in the property market.

How can you make your Lettings Consultant job description stand out?

To create an effective job description for your Lettings Consultant role, try to mention the specific features of your company that will make it desirable for candidates. Provide a brief history of your company, the number of properties you manage and the locations where you operate. Mention the exact qualifications and experience of the ideal candidate, such as ARLA qualification or having links with professionals in the building industry. Describe the work and the specific duties and responsibilities, such as serving section notices, handling maintenance issues and arranging property visits.

Who does a Lettings Consultant report to?

The Lettings Consultant can report to the property owners, Estate Manager and other senior executives in the property management business.

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