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Management Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Management Assistant, or Assistant Manager is responsible for helping the management team by completing administrative and operational tasks. Their duties include scheduling meetings, training new staff and supervising employees.

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Management Assistant duties and responsibilities

A Management Assistant is responsible for taking over leadership duties from the Manager when needed and for providing assistance in administrative tasks. A Management Assistant’s key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Organising staff rotas, shifts and holiday allowances
  • Finding appropriate cover if staff call in sick or need time off
  • Delegating tasks and setting goals equally amongst staff members
  • Interviewing prospective new employees alongside the Manager
  • Onboarding and inducting new employees into the company
  • Organising the continued training of staff in the company
  • Ensuring company policies and procedures are upheld by themselves and other employees
  • Providing a point of contact and communication between senior management and employees lower down the chain of command
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Management Assistant Job Description Examples:

What does a Management Assistant do?

A Management Assistant is employed to help the senior management team within a business or organisation. Management Assistants are responsible for performing the important duties of the Manager, when they are absent and for assisting management with the completion of administrative and clerical tasks on a day-to-day basis. Management Assistants work across a wide range of industries from sales and marketing to admin and accounting. While their primary job description remains the same, their duties and tasks will vary from one industry to the next.

Management Assistant skills and qualifications

Management Assistants require excellent administrative and organisational skills. They also need leadership skills and management qualifications in order to effectively cover for Managers when called upon. A successful Management Assistant candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, that include:

  • Industry-specific skills as required by the line of business, for example sales skills or bartending skills
  • Excellent knowledge of company products, services, values, policies and procedures
  • Ability to prioritise and delegate tasks within a small team
  • Ability to motivate staff to exceed their targets
  • Knowledge of company accounting, payroll, receipts and invoicing
  • Data entry skills and knowledge of programs such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets
  • Ability to analyse data, such as sales figures, to set new targets and goals for their team
  • Recognised management qualifications from reputed organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute

Management Assistant experience requirements

A successful Management Assistant requires at least two years of experience working in their specific industry. For example, a Management Assistant working in retail needs two years of experience serving customers on the shop floor. A Management Assistant working in a call centre needs two years of experience in telesales. Employers can also look for candidates with transferable experience. An applicant can have two years of leadership and management experience in a different industry, for example and be successful in the role if provided with the appropriate induction into the business.

Management Assistant education and training requirements

A Management Assistant needs good results in English, maths and IT at GCSE level, as a minimum. This helps an employer know that a candidate can effectively communicate in the workplace and carry out important date entry and accounting tasks. Further education at A-level or degree level isn’t essential, as employers can also look for candidates with relevant work experience who wish to work their way up to management positions. Management and leadership qualifications, from independent organisations such as the Institute of Leadership and Management, are desirable. This shows an employer that the candidate has the ability to supervise and lead.

Management Assistant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Management Assistant in the UK is £20,550 per year. Salary may be dependent on experience, location and company.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Management Assistant job description FAQs

What makes for a good Management Assistant job description?

A good Management Assistant job description outlines the ethos and values of the company alongside the level of responsibility or supervision that a successful candidate needs to hold. A good job description makes it clear which qualifications and how much experience is needed for the job. Also, state if on-the-job training is offered to Management Assistant candidates moving across from other industries.

What should I look for in a Management Assistant CV?

A Management Assistant CV needs to focus on the candidate’s leadership and management skills and their experience. A good candidate’s CV should demonstrate any instances when they have successfully led a small team, or when they have successfully taken over duties from the Manager in a work environment.

What is the difference between an Assistant Manager and a Supervisor?

An Assistant Manager has more managerial duties than a Supervisor does. A Management Assistant takes part in the interviewing and hiring process, as well as setting staff rotas and overseeing payroll. A Supervisor is employed to oversee daily operations and ensure that tasks are completed on time by employees. A Supervisor won’t be involved in decision-making processes such as hiring.

Job Description Examples

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