Management Consultant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Management Consultant, or Change Management Consultant helps businesses grow and improve their performance by providing them with expert advice and services. Their duties include meeting with clients to gauge their needs, auditing their current procedures and operations and offering recommendations for improvement.

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Management Consultant duties and responsibilities

The exact duties of a Management Consultant depend on the needs of their clients and the type of projects they’re involved with. Their area of specialisation will also dictate the type of work they do. For instance, a business may hire a Management Consultant to provide advice on a large IT project, whereas another company may need assistance with its marketing strategy. Generally, their key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Gathering and analysing data to gain an understanding of a business’s operations
  • Researching the current market of a client and new markets they may wish to enter
  • Interviewing a company’s employees and management team to obtain their input regarding problem areas
  • Determining effective solutions for current issues and presenting business proposals to clients
  • Overseeing the implementation of solutions and ensuring that a company has the necessary resources and support to successfully conclude projects
  • Regularly updating clients during projects and informing them of any issues or changes
  • Facilitating workshops to ensure that employees are properly informed and trained
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Management Consultant Job Description Examples:

What does a Management Consultant do?

Companies typically employ the services of Management Consultants to assist them with their strategy, structure, management and operations. These professionals provide assistance across all areas of business, including human resources, information technology, supply chain management and finance. As the job requires in-depth experience and expert knowledge, Management Consultants tend to specialise in a business area, for instance, marketing or business strategy. The scope of a consulting job can range from temporary consulting arrangements to long-standing consulting contracts.

Management Consultant skills and qualifications

Management Consultants should be effective communicators. They need to actively listen to stakeholders and must have the ability to clearly verbalise information. An important aspect of the job also involves facilitating communication between stakeholders and across business functions. A successful Management Consultant candidate will also have various prerequisite skills that include:

  • Commercial awareness and an in-depth understanding of a business’s operations and processes
  • Strong analytical skill as the job requires a lot of data analysis
  • Strong problem-solving and strategic planning abilities to come up with effective solutions
  • The ability to form strong and trusting relationships with clients
  • Strong leadership skills to ensure that all the staff are invested in change and have the same vision
  • The ability to cope with change and adapt to different work environments
  • Knowledge of project management

Management Consultant experience requirements

The level of experience a Management Consultant needs depends on the position. Some employers may need Associate Consultants with little work experience to help them with basic consultancy tasks, such as the collection and analysis of data. Other positions may require candidates who have extensive experience in a niche area, such as operations or business strategy. In general, employers will expect that candidates who apply for senior positions show extensive consulting experience. Candidates will typically need a proven track record in the design and delivery of effective solutions and successful projects. Depending on the position, candidates may also need industry-specific experience.

Management Consultant education and training requirements

Although there are no fixed education requirements for this occupation, many Management Consultants hold a degree in subjects like business studies, maths, finance and project management. Some Management Consultants, however, hold a degree that’s related to the industry in which they’re working, such as engineering or IT. Candidates can develop more specialised skills and knowledge by completing a post-graduate qualification. A Master in Business Administration (MBA), for instance, can be useful in this field. Candidates can also complete professional qualifications. A professional body like the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) offers relevant qualifications like a Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting.

Management Consultant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Management Consultant in the UK is £55,703 per year. Salaries may vary, depending on factors like location and level of experience.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Management Consultant job description FAQs

What are the hours of a Management Consultant?

A Management Consultant’s hours depend on the hours of their clients. In general, however, the job involves long hours, especially when they’re working on large projects or chasing deadlines.

Which companies and industries can benefit from the services of Management Consultants?

Management Consultants can add value to any company that needs expert assistance. Industries that employ Management Consultants include healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, leisure, retail, communications, finance and education.

What's the difference between a Business Consultant and a Management Consultant?

Both Business and Management Consultants provide businesses with expert advice to improve their performance. However, where Business Consultants tend to help start-ups, Management Consultants typically provide services for more established companies.

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