Marketer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Marketer, or Marketing Officer is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote a company’s products and services to customers. Their duties include producing and editing marketing content, tracking the reach of campaigns and conducting market research with customers.


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Marketer duties and responsibilities

A Marketer is responsible for increasing sales by producing successful advertising and marketing campaigns for a company. They have a wide range of day-to-day duties that vary depending on their area of expertise. Key Marketer duties and responsibilities include:

  • Strategising on and contributing to long-term marketing plans
  • Liaising with sales, advertising, communication, PR or media teams on cross-departmental projects and campaigns
  • Developing a brand’s voice and identity through marketing campaigns
  • Writing, editing and publishing marketing adverts, articles and other written content
  • Producing marketing videos for social media or television
  • Monitoring key performance indicators to track the success of a marketing campaign
  • Reporting results of marketing campaigns to management teams 
  • Identifying new demographics or regions for targeted marketing campaigns


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What does a Marketer do?

A Marketer has a wide job specification that can incorporate important elements of advertising, digital marketing, content creation, media, communications and sales. The goal of a Marketer is to find innovative ways to reach new customers and to provide more products or services to existing customers. A Marketer works as part of a wider marketing team. They ensure that advertising and marketing campaigns are in line with the company’s brand and image and monitor how successful they are. 


Marketer skills and qualifications

A Marketer needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills alongside an excellent knowledge of marketing, advertising and business practices. A successful Marketer candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, that typically include:

  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Experience with different forms of advertising, such as sponsored content or search engine advertising
  • Working knowledge of content management systems, including WordPress
  • Excellent knowledge of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Ability to create and maintain an editorial calendar
  • Understanding of how to generate and analyse reports using software such as Google Analytics
  • Ability to network with key players in media and at industry events and conferences


Marketer experience requirements

A successful Marketer needs prior experience working in advertising, sales, content creation or media. They need at least two years of experience working in a marketing role or a similar role with transferable skills, such as Advertising Executive. Many Marketers will start out in an entry-level role working as a Marketing Assistant, where they gain direct marketing experience before progressing with their careers. Marketers might also gain experience by taking a year out in the industry while at university or through work experience placements or internships with marketing companies. 


Marketer education and training requirements

Marketers must have a strong academic background and an excellent grounding in business and marketing. A successful Marketer has strong GCSE results, particularly in English and maths. They should have strong A-level results in English, maths and business studies. Employers prefer candidates who have university degrees in business, economics or marketing. Many Marketers continue their education and obtain postgraduate qualifications in business and marketing, or leadership and management if they wish to progress their career further.


Marketer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketer in the UK, is £25,275 per year. Salary may be dependent on experience, location and company. 


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Marketer job description FAQs


Who does a Marketer report to?

A Marketer reports to a senior member of their department or the department head. They will often report into more senior management figures as well, such as a Director of Communications or Head of Advertising. A Marketer will often work across departments and will also need to report into their respective department heads, such as PR Officers or Sales Leaders.  


Do the duties of a Marketer vary depending on the industry?

While the overall responsibilities of a Marketer remain the same across different industries, the day-to-day tasks vary considerably. A Marketer who works in the supermarket industry, for instance could focus on producing traditional campaigns involving print media or television. In contrast, a Marketer working for a start-up with a young demographic may focus on digital advertising and search engine optimisation. 


What makes for a great Marketer job description?

A great Marketer job description will precisely convey the experience and exact qualifications, or education that a candidate requires to be successful in the role. A great job description will give applicants a good idea of the company’s values and ethos along with the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a Marketer. 

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