Marketing Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Marketing Coordinator, also known as a Marketing Assistant, is a professional who provides support for a marketing department’s initiatives. Their duties include conducting market and prospect research, organising marketing campaigns and events, creating and coordinating marketing content and facilitating cross-functional team efforts.


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Marketing Coordinator duties and responsibilities

The scope of a Marketing Coordinator’s duties and responsibilities varies depending on the size of the company. Typically, they have a wide range of duties that may include the following:

  • Doing market research, analysing forecasts and performing competitive analysis
  • Preparing marketing sales and trend reports 
  • Supporting the development and execution of a company’s marketing and branding strategies
  • Actively taking part in marketing campaigns and organising meetings and conferences
  • Developing original copy for social media platforms, websites and printed advertising materials
  • Understanding brand guidelines and consistently implementing the brand voice across all channels and marketing materials
  • Monitoring marketing industry news and submitting reports on emerging trends to management 
  • Informing the sales teams about campaign objectives and deliverables
  • Working with the graphic design team to help deliver content that meets clients specifications
  • Supporting internal communication campaigns to effectively distribute key information


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Marketing Coordinator Job Description Examples:

What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

Marketing Coordinators support Marketing Managers by assisting with the planning and execution of marketing, branding and advertising strategies. They help drive sales for a company by staying up-to-date with the latest market and industry trends, analysing sales forecasts and handling the logistics for marketing campaigns and events. Marketing Coordinators also support and assist sales teams by providing them with information regarding marketing campaigns and helping them better understand a brand’s voice.


Marketing Coordinator skills and qualifications

Marketing Coordinators have a wide range of duties and responsibilities that require a variety of skill sets. As the job largely involves working with people, Marketing Coordinators should ideally have excellent interpersonal skills and must also have the ability to cultivate good relationships with clients, colleagues, distributors and other stakeholders. A successful Marketing Coordinator candidate will have various prerequisite skills that typically include:

  • Excellent copywriting skills to get a brand’s message across
  • Creativity to  develop effective strategies and campaigns
  • Excellent communication skills to convey innovative ideas and gauge the needs of customers
  • Strong analytical skills in order to analyse and interpret information and make recommendations for improved results
  • Proficiency in relevant software programs, including word processing, database and data analysis applications
  • Solid project management skills, as these professionals often have multiple projects running at the same time


Marketing Coordinator experience requirements

Marketing Coordinators normally need past work experience in a marketing role. They should have solid experience in both digital and traditional marketing and may also need to show that they’ve successfully implemented social media campaigns in the past. Depending on the role and the company, Marketing Coordinators may need the be familiar with content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, data analysis software, HTML and graphic design applications. Previous experience in planning and hosting events, as well as project management experience, is beneficial.


Marketing Coordinator education and training requirements

Typically, Marketing Coordinators hold a Bachelor’s Degree or a Higher National Diploma in Marketing, Communications, Advertising or a related field. Many marketing professionals opt to expand their knowledge in the field by obtaining professional qualifications. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), offers designations like a Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing or a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing. Candidates can also gain relevant knowledge and experience through an apprenticeship.


Marketing Coordinator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketing Coordinator is £24,587 per year. Salaries differ,  depending on variables like candidate experience, location and exact industry.


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Marketing Coordinator job description FAQs


Who does a Marketing Coordinator report to?

This varies from company to company, but typically a Marketing Coordinator reports to a Marketing Manager, a Marketing Director or a Sales Manager.


What are the qualities of a successful Marketing Coordinator?

To be successful at this job, Marketing Coordinators need to be willing to learn, work hard and take risks. They need to be humble and eager in order to execute the tedious tasks during a campaign, but should also be energetic and creative enough to create original and interesting content and contribute to campaign ideas.


What's the difference between a Marketing Coordinator and a Marketing Specialist?

Although there’s a clear distinction between these roles in large organisations, Marketing Coordinators who work for smaller companies may take on many of the functions of a Marketing Specialist. In larger organisations, a Marketing Specialist has more of a strategic function and is involved with the development of the overall marketing plan. The role of Marketing Coordinators in this position, however, is more administrative.

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