Marketing Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Marketing Managers, or Promotions Managers, are responsible for planning the promotion of a company’s products, brand and services in order to help them grow. Their duties include overseeing a company’s marketing activities and brand awareness including the overall outreach strategy and training a team of Marketing Executives. Marketing Managers can work as in-house marketing resources or as consultants in an agency where they handle clients’ marketing activities.

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Marketing Manager duties and responsibilities

A Marketing Manager’s duties and responsibilities depend on the size and structure of a company. They typically perform the following tasks:

  • Communicating with senior management about existing and new marketing activities.
  • Organising promotional events such as trade shows and ensuring the prompt delivery of materials and products by
  • coordinating with staff
  • Working with advertising departments or agencies to increase customer acquisition.
  • Managing and creating appropriate content for a variety of channels.
  • Evaluating and improving marketing campaigns with possible solutions to fit within budgetary constraints.
  • Identifying measuring marketing outcomes to increase the efficiency of marketing activities within the company.
  • Recruiting and training Marketing Assistants to assist with event coordination and sales.

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Marketing Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Marketing Manager do?

Marketing Managers are focused on helping a company grow. Marketing Managers should possess a good understanding of human behaviour, so that they cab better help market the company’s products and services to meet the consumers’ needs. Marketing Managers oversee promotional events and marketing activities. They help a company retain existing clients and get new clients to increase the sales of its products or services. A Marketing Manager needs a positive attitude, an aggressive appetite for growth and a good work ethic.

Marketing Manager skills and qualifications

When reviewing candidates’ CVs, it’s essential to note that people can attain the position of Marketing Manager in different ways. These include studying at a university, doing an apprenticeship or gaining relevant work experience in related fields. A successful Marketing Manager candidate will also have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, they typically include:

  • Excellent communication and decision-making skills
  • The ability and willingness to work after hours in the evenings or over weekends
  • Proficiency with HubSpot marketing suite and SalesFUSION360 software 
  • Familiarity with social media development strategies and online content marketing
  • An exceptional level of attention to detail and excellent organisational skills
  • Skills to analyse and monitor trends in the market

Marketing Manager experience requirements

Depending on the company’s requirements, a Marketing Manager needs to have demonstrable marketing experience on a national, regional or international level. A Marketing Manager should have broad marketing experience in pricing, promotion, process and people. They should also have experience in developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns to support a company’s sales activities.

Marketing Manager education and training requirements

A Marketing Manager needs to have several years’ experience in marketing and promotion to be successful. Most Marketing Managers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing or Business Administration. Some Marketing Managers have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Marketing Managers can join the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for further professional training and development opportunities, which can be a bonus to the company’s needs.

Marketing Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketing Manager is £37,560 per year. The salary depends on the company, the location and the experience required for the position.

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Marketing Manager job description FAQs

Do Marketing Managers have different responsibilities in different industries?

The duties and responsibilities of Marketing Managers can vary slightly between different companies and industries, but most of the duties and responsibilities are generally the same. In smaller companies, a Marketing Manager may be more involved in related activities, such as advertising or public relations, whereas larger companies will have dedicated employees for these functions.

Who reports to a Marketing Manager?

In a small company, the Marketing Manager may not have any direct reports. In medium-sized companies, one or more interns may report to the Marketing Manager. In larger companies, the Marketing Manager may handle multiple teams of Marketing Assistants or Content Producers.

What are the qualities of a good Marketing Manager?

A Marketing Manager needs to have experience with both print and digital marketing channels. They should also be analytical and able to work well in a team. A Marketing Manager also needs to prove excellent skills in project management and budgeting. They should also be to be innovative.

Who does a Marketing Manager report to?

The reporting lines of a Marketing Manager depend on the size of the company. Most Marketing Managers report to the Marketing Director, Vice President of Marketing or the Chief Marketing Officer. In smaller companies, the Marketing Manager may report directly to the CEO.

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