Massage Therapist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Massage Therapist, or Masseur/Masseuse, is a professional who provides clients with therapeutic and relaxing massages. They work in a variety of settings, such as fitness centres, hotels, physician’s offices, spas and franchised clinics. Their duties include consulting with clients, informing them of available massage treatments and providing the treatments effectively. 


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Massage Therapist duties and responsibilities

The day-to-day duties of a Massage Therapist may include a combination of the following:

  • Conferring with clients in order to schedule appointment and sessions
  • Consulting with clients to gauge their massage needs and preferences and adjusting techniques to meet their individual needs
  • Guiding clients through the service offerings, helping them to choose what type of massage would be most appropriate for them.
  • Maintaining a detailed history of each client, including information like chronic illness, medication, lifestyle and past injuries
  • Informing the client about available massage treatments and providing advice as to which treatments may be the most beneficial to them
  • Performing therapeutic massages and applying the correct level of pressure to specific areas of the body
  • Providing clients with advice about things like posture, relaxation techniques and stretching, for improved general wellbeing
  • Promoting and advertising their business when self-employed
  • If necessary, referring clients to medical professionals
  • Traveling to corporate locations to deliver on-site massages for employees when necessary 


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Massage Therapist Job Description Examples:


Example 1

We are looking for a fun and friendly individual, who has a passion to improve people's health and wellbeing. As an Associate Sports Massage Therapist you will be available to patients for massage therapy during your shift. You will be expected to take relevant patient notes and steps towards referral within the scope of your profession. You will not be required to generate new patients, although becoming a proactive member of Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic is desirable. You will work closely with our principal chiropractor and will receive training and mentoring from him. We are are looking forward to welcoming another member to our happy team very soon. Further details: You will be a Self-Employed Associate / Contractor. Payment is 50% of gross fee charged to the patient. Location: Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic, Solopark Trading Estate, Station Road, Cambs, CB22 3HB Shifts: Monday-Thursday: [website] - [website] Duties: * Meeting with patients and taking relevant patient notes * Employing the various techniques of massage based on the patient's medical history and individual needs * Planning a course of treatment based on the patient's symptoms and reaction to treatment * Referring to another health practitioner if and when necessary * Participation in team meetings * Ability to provide holiday and sick cover if necessary Qualifications: * Essential: Sports Massage Therapy Level 4 or higher * Desirable: Further qualifications in first aid, Kinesiology taping etc. * Member of the FHT, SMA or ISRM (or relevant body) Key Skills: * You will be energetic and self-motivated. * You will have excellent attention to detail. * You will be an excellent team member. * You will be able to handle difficult situations in a calm and friendly manner. * You will be well presented and professional. * You will be friendly and enthusiastic. * You will have excellent communication and time management skills. * You will have sound principals and an excellent work ethic. * You will be capable of managing patients independently when appropriate. * You will be expected to work towards the protocols and high standards of Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic. * You will communicate well with other practitioners and staff members. * Full CRB/DBS may be required. * You will understand the importance of CPD and be willing to develop your current skills. * You must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Other benefits: * Mentoring from our Principal Chiropractor. * Full reception facilities provided, including diary management and bookings, taking phone calls, welcoming patients and taking payments. * No additional charges for room use. * Basic equipment required for treatment is provided. Massage oils and PPE are not provided. * Newly refurbished clinic. Part-time hours: 24 per week Application deadline: 17/07/2021 Expected start date: 02/08/2021 Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Commission Salary: Up to £24.00 per hour Benefits: * Company events * Employee discount * On-site parking * Wellness programmes Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Day shift COVID-19 considerations: We are following government guidelines. We maintain social distancing in the waiting areas, practitioners wear appropriate PPE, cleaning is kept at a high standard and patients may not attend if they are required to self isolate for any reason. Experience: * clinical practice: 1 year (preferred) * Level 4 or Level 5 Sports Massage Qualification (required) Work remotely: * No

What does a Massage Therapist do?

Massage Therapists use their hands, fingers, forearms and elbows to manipulate and knead the muscles and soft tissues of their clients. Depending on the client’s needs, preferences and physical condition, a Massage Therapist will apply either light, medium or deep pressure during a session. They also offer various techniques and types of massages, including Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue or Shiatsu massages.


Massage Therapist skills and qualifications

A Massage Therapists role entails talking to clients and also applying therapeutic pressure to their muscles. A successful Massage Therapist will have various prerequisite skills/qualifications including: 

  • Excellent listening skills in order to gauge the needs and preferences of clients
  • Good verbal and communication skills to effectively inform and advise clients
  • A professional and welcoming attitude, putting the needs of the client first
  • A neat appearance and excellent personal hygiene at all times, especially because of their close proximity to clients
  • An empathetic and sensitive nature, so that they are able to put their clients at ease and provide them with a pleasant and relaxing experience


Massage Therapist experience requirements

The number of years of experience for Massage Therapists varies depending on the employer. Some employers only ask Massage Therapists to have at least six months of experience, while others require candidates to have at least one year of work experience. 


Massage Therapist education and training requirements

Massage Therapists are usually required to have minimum education requirements such as a high school diploma or its equivalent  basic General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). They may also be required to complete a massage therapy education program, which usually lasts six to twelve months. Some Massage Therapists complete a more advanced training course, such as the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)-Level 6 Professional Diploma and the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)- Level 3 RQF Diploma in a variety of massage styles, such as sports massage, pregnancy, post-natal massage, baby massage and aromatherapy massage. 


Massage Therapist salary expectations

The average salary for a Massage Therapist is £18.85 per hour. However, the salary payable will vary depending on factors like location, level of experience and the type of work environment.


Job description samples for similar positions

If this job description doesn’t exactly describe the job opening you currently have, here are a few job descriptions of similar positions you can look at: 


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Massage Therapist FAQs


What are the typical work hours of a Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapists usually work about five to six hours per day, as the job is quite physical and requires strength and energy. However, they may also be doing additional tasks and chores, such as taking care of their own laundry, so their hours may be longer. 


What is the difference between a Massage Therapist and a Beauty Therapist?

Beauty Therapists provide a range of services, including facials, hair removal, manicures, pedicures and also massages. Massage Therapists, however, focus exclusively on providing massages and receive more comprehensive training and complete more practical hours in this field.


Should employers consider male Massage Therapist applicants?

 Men do become Massage Therapists. There are benefits in hiring both male and female candidates; for instance, clients may have a preference for favouring a male or female massage therapist.


Should Massage Therapists fall within a certain age bracket?

As long as an applicant is legally allowed to work, age should not be a problem. As the job involves many hours of standing it does require strength and stamina, so candidates should be healthy, strong and fit. Applicants should also be presentable and be a good fit for your brand and the rest of the team.

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