Producer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Producer, or Associate Producer is responsible for coordinating the various elements of a creative project. Their duties include overseeing the process of selecting the script, arranging any financing required and taking an active role in hiring the team to begin work on the project.


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Producer duties and responsibilities

Producers have a wide range of responsibilities that can vary between projects and depends on the scale and the nature of the activity involved. Their duties generally include:

  • Choosing or developing a script or score
  • Recruiting and hiring personnel to work on the project
  • Hiring studio space and ensuring that any other locations are arranged
  • Setting the production schedule
  • Allocating the budget and authorising any expenditures
  • Working with Artists to ensure that they are happy with the processes in place
  • Contributing their creative influence to the final product
  • Working closely with a team to complete all aspects of the project
  • Collaborating on editing, marketing and other team functions as necessary 


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Producer Job Description Examples:


Example 1

TV Producer - 12 MONTH FIXED TERM Contract Location: McCann Manchester, Prestbury Set in eight acres of Cheshire countryside with an onsite pub, bistro, gym and outdoor pool, McCann Manchester is a truly unique working environment. We are the largest integrated agency in the UK and create brand advertising, digital and communications strategies for some of the UK’s most interesting brands. We are now looking for an experienced TV Producer for a 12 month Fixed Term Contract to cover a period of maternity leave from August. We're looking for someone to assist with production and working with an awareness of both client and agency needs, within the production process. You will be responsible for; Maintaining good working relationships with all post-production teams Actively managing the running budget for TV production, reviewing and challenging quotes Negotiating effectively with suppliers, ensuring value for money and ensuring that work is proceeding on budget. Ensuring that all deadlines on the schedule are met or flagged when problematic. Progressing work in co-operation with and via liaison with other departments, managing all client, internal account handling and creative service relationships Production of accurate budgets for productions as appropriate Producing a large number of TV commercials and online videos Effectively communicating the creative aim of any given script to all involved parties Assisting the creative teams in realising the creative brief in production terms What you’ll need as TV Producer To be an expert in production values and practical requirements when looking at creative ideas Able to demonstrate commitment to maintaining high creative standards, helping to make the best advertising possible Ability to always maintain a calm, having a professional approach and objectivity, even in the face of extreme pressure and stress Able to keep abreast of the constant technical developments and changes in the available production processes professional suppliers and specialist talent in the market place Experience in retail TV production preferred Experience of working within a very fast moving environment In Return, we offer A competitive financial and benefits package and ideally suited to those who enjoy pursuing personal career development. The opportunity to work within the largest integrated agency in the UK, in stunning surroundings, with specialist departments including, animation, video production, planning, digital creative and development and social media. An outstanding working environment that really is hard to beat. Based on a 9 acre site the four main buildings form a campus that includes a subsidised Bistro, free car parking, free access to an onsite gym and an outdoor heated pool (for when the weather gets warmer!). How should you apply for the TV Producer role? Another fantastic opportunity to join the McCann Manchester team so if you have the above skills and experience and you’re looking for a great place to work then we would love to hear from you. Any questions then please do not hesitate to call, otherwise just click Apply Now and upload your CV. Required Skills Required Experience

What does a Producer do?

Producers work in film, television and music as well as all other branches of the creative arts, assembling the personnel and resources to fulfil the goals of the project. Producers ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget, working out the logistics and dealing with the business side of the production. Once a project is complete, the Producer typically takes on the task of marketing and distributing the work. Producers in different industries have different roles, but there are many similarities in their areas of responsibility. 


Producer skills and qualifications

Producers may work in a wide variety of environments on a range of different projects, from ballet shows to music recordings. A successful Producer  will have a variety of prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Creativity and artistic flair
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Technical ability with the equipment appropriate for the project
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Proven project management skills
  • Managing a budget and allocating resources to each element of the project
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask and adapt to changing priorities


Producer experience requirements

Producers typically have experience of one or more junior roles in the industry before they work their way up to the level of Producer. Candidates that have experience as a Production Assistant will have a thorough knowledge of the elements required for successful production and can also start to build up a network of contacts that will help them develop their careers further.

Music Producers tend to be Musicians themselves with experience of writing, recording and producing their own music or that of their peers. Time spent in studios will give them the experience they need to develop an in-depth knowledge of technical and audio software and hardware in use and be able to create ideas on arranging, composing and mixing the music.


Producer education and training requirements

Producers need to have qualifications in the discipline in which they are working. This is usually a degree in a relevant subject such as film and TV production and directing, music science or music technology, theatre production or other media or arts subjects. Candidates with qualifications in communication studies will also have valuable skills which can be combined with more specific industry-related training. Specific training courses focussing on certain aspects of the production process can also be useful, such as those run by the BBC, the Music Producer’s Guild and the British Film Institute.


Producer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Producer in the UK is £32,308 per year, but this is dependent on the type of project involved, the scope of the Producer’s role and the profile of the project in production.


Job description samples for similar positions 

If you are recruiting for a role in a project, but a Producer isn’t quite what you are looking for, then these job descriptions for similar roles may help you find the right role:


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Producer job description FAQs


What qualities make a good Producer?

Producers have to work closely with Writers, Musicians and other creative professionals, so they need to be diplomatic, tactful and be able to give constructive feedback when required. Producers also deal directly with a number of stakeholders, so they need to be able to adapt their approach to accommodate different working styles and requirements. Producers have such a wide range of responsibilities that being methodical and organised is key to success, as is the ability to delegate effectively and keep track of deadlines.


What should you look for in a Producer CV?

Candidates with extensive work experience will bring a lot of benefits to production, as they have a good knowledge of the various tasks required and the timelines involved. Applicants may have a portfolio or a show reel that gives details of projects they have worked on to demonstrate their key abilities.


How can you make your Producer job description stand out?

Attract the most qualified candidates by picking a job title that gives as much detail as possible, including the industry and level of responsibility involved. Give details of the role and specific details of what is involved to attract candidates with matching skill sets. If there are any benefits packages or perks on offer, then list them in order to appeal to potential applicants. 

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