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Production Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Production Assistant, or Production Assistant Coordinator supports Producers in making TV shows, movies, theatre productions or radio programs. Their duties include booking venues and equipment, creating and distributing production documents and getting copyright permissions.

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Production Assistant duties and responsibilities

Production Assistants have a range of organisational and administrative duties. Their responsibilities vary depending on their industry and the size of their productions. However, they typically include:

  • Hiring studios and filming equipment
  • Booking hotels and flights for cast and crew
  • Attending production meetings and making notes
  • Copying scripts and distributing them to relevant cast and crew
  • Typing and distributing call sheets and daily reports
  • Seeking permission for the use of copyrighted materials, including film clips and music
  • Managing production accounts and expenses
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Production Assistant Job Description Examples:

What does a Production Assistant do?

Production Assistants complete tasks delegated by their superiors in the production crew. These tasks help productions run smoothly and on schedule. They ensure all members of the cast and crew have the information they need to work efficiently. They hire crews, book venues and obtain permission so that the production crew can have the access they need. Production Assistants work allows the Producer to focus on producing the project.

Production Assistant skills and qualifications

Production Assistants rely on various skills to keep productions running smoothly. A successful Production Assistant will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that includes:

  • In-depth understanding of the production industry and its processes
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of computers and mobile devices
  • Problem-solving and sound decision-making skills, especially in limited time
  • Organisation skills and ability to multitask

Production Assistant experience requirements

Working as a Production Assistant can be an entry-level role. However, many Production Assistants gain experience working as a Runner. Working as a Runner teaches aspiring Production Assistants how to take direction and how productions work.

Volunteer experience is also valuable for Production Assistants. Working on student or community productions in the same medium provides valuable experience. Since these productions are typically relatively small, volunteers typically have a lot of responsibility. This makes volunteering an excellent way to gain experience for paid Production Assistant roles. Attending insight and talent days can teach aspiring Production Assistants what working for a major media channel is like. Some film studios, TV and radio channels also accept volunteers for work experience and apprenticeships.

Production Assistant education and training requirements

There are no education and training prerequisites for Production Assistants. However, most new hires have relevant degrees or college diplomas. Degrees in creative media production, film and TV studies and film and television production teach fundamental production skills. Level 3 diplomas in media techniques and creative media production are also useful.

Completing a production apprenticeship is one way people with their GCSEs can learn more about their craft. Some candidates also complete short production skills courses available through film schools, regional screen agencies and private training companies.

Production Assistant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Production Assistant in the UK is £19,571 per year. Salary varies depending on the employer, their location and their industry. Education and experience also impact earnings.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Production Assistant job description FAQs

What qualities make a good Production Assistant?

Good Production Assistants thrive in fast-paced environments. They work well under pressure and know how to make quick decisions and stay calm under pressure. They appreciate constructive criticism and use it to do their job better. They are also meticulous, yet flexible enough to change their plans when production plans change.

What is the difference between a Runner and a Production Assistant?

Production Assistants and Runners both complete delegated tasks. However, Production Assistants have more responsibility. Productions hinge on the tasks assigned to Production Assistants. Runners complete less critical tasks, such as collecting mail, meals and beverages for cast and crew.

What should I look for in a Production Assistant CV?

You should look for a Production Assistant who has spent some time working within your industry. While professional work is always appealing, you may consider taking on someone that is active in student and community productions. As this work is often done on a volunteer basis, it shows the applicant is motivated and passionate about your industry.

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