Programme Analyst Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Programme Analyst, or Research Analyst improves an organisation’s processes, programmes and services through recommendations based on extensive research. Their primary duties include analysing company programmes and procedures, identifying problem areas and recommending solutions.


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Programme Analyst duties and responsibilities

A Programme Analyst most important duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Performing research and data analysis to identify business trends and relevant issues
  • Drafting program requirements based on research data
  • Drafting and revising procedural documents
  • Documenting all program changes
  • Evaluating program and operational effectiveness
  • Collaborating with Programme Managers to develop and implement new programs
  • Tracking performance metrics across the organisation
  • Presenting recommendations to management and other stakeholders
  • Performing data validation and quality control checks to show adherence to study protocols


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What does a Programme Analyst do?

A Programme Analyst evaluates the processes and systems in an organisation and finds ways to improve them. They conduct research, identify business and market trends and analyse procedures. Using the data gathered, they present their recommendations to management with the goal of optimising performance across the business. Programme Analysts also draft new company policies and procedures, identify and solve problems, monitor policy compliance and address performance issues. 

Programme Analysts work in several industries, including finance, technology, education and more. They possess a firm grasp of information technology (IT) principles and can manage large projects.


Programme Analyst skills and qualifications

Programme Analyst need to possess a combination of analytical, project management and technical skills. A  successful  Programme Analyst candidate will need to have certain prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Research and analytic skills
  • Numeracy and computer skills
  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Project management and organisational skills
  • Excellent written communication
  • Working knowledge of database management tools
  • Ability to work well on a team
  • Time management skills


Programme Analyst experience requirements

A Programme Analyst position usually requires one or two years of work experience as a Programme Analyst, Management Analyst, Research Analyst or a similar role. Mid-level Programme Analyst positions require three to five years of experience, while Senior Programme Analysts require over five years of experience.

Prior experience in research and a strong background in project management, market analysis, statistics, database management and program coordination will be useful. This can be acquired through an internship or apprenticeship. Other experience requirements depend on the company and the industry in which it operates. 


Programme Analyst education and training requirements

Programme Analyst positions require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, economics, statistics or a related field. A master’s degree is a plus, though not compulsory. In lieu of a degree, a higher apprenticeship as a Data Analyst may be accepted. 

Other training requirements include courses from the Market Research Society such as Introduction to Qualitative Research, Crafting and Designing Presentations, Data Privacy in Research, Data Visualisation and Qualitative Analysis. Other training requirements depend on the hiring company. 


Programme Analyst salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Programme Analyst in the UK can expect to make an average of £32,433 per year. This salary depends on the candidate’s level of experience and education, the company’s geographical location and industry trends. 


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Programme Analyst job description FAQs


What is the difference between a Programme Analyst and a Programmer Analyst?

A Programmer Analyst is a software engineering professional who designs, analyses and modifies computer systems and programs. They are responsible for maintaining program guidelines and documenting functionality. Programmer Analysts are similar to Programme Analysts in that they both conduct research to recommend viable solutions. Both positions also involve writing and updating policy and guidelines. However, while a Programmer Analyst needs to write software programs and code, a Programme Analyst may only require basic IT knowledge, depending on the industry they work in.


What are the different types of Programme Analyst?

There are several types of Programme Analysts. These include Market Research Analysts, Financial Analysts and Equity Research Analysts. A Market Research Analyst collects information from the users of a product or service through surveys and user interviews and makes recommendations to refine the service offering based on this data. A Financial Analyst analyses financial data and prepares financial forecasts and financial models for an organisation. An Equity Research Analyst works in an investment bank or private equity firm. They specialise in analysing data about public companies and making investment recommendations to their employers. 


How do I make my Programme Analyst job description stand out?

To make your Programme Analyst job description stand out,  use simple and clear language. Instead of using terms like ‘sometimes’ or ‘often’, use tangible and legitimate units of measurement when describing the required work load or office hours that come with the Programme Analyst position. Potential candidates appreciate these kind of details.

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