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Recruitment Consultant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Recruitment Consultant, or a Senior Recruitment Consultant fills vacant job positions matches potential candidates with appropriate employers. Their duties include advertising job vacancies, reviewing CVs and interviewing applicants.

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Recruitment Consultant duties and responsibilities

A Recruitment Consultant is responsible for finding the best candidates for their client’s vacancies. Recruitment Consultants are also responsible for generating new business opportunities, finding new clients and new job seekers. Their primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Screening prospective job applicants to evaluate their skills and qualifications
  • Entering job applicants’ CVs and contact details into the company database for future reference
  • Ensuring that potential job candidates are an excellent match for the client company
  • Producing and posting job adverts that attract appropriate candidates
  • Cold calling companies to promote recruitment services
  • Meeting with new clients to develop and expand business opportunities
  • Headhunting specific candidates for high-end job roles, such as senior management positions
  • Achieving recruitment quotas and business development targets each month
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Recruiter Job Description Examples:

What does a Recruitment Consultant do?

A Recruitment Consultant works in a recruitment agency to source appropriate candidates for vacant job positions that client companies and businesses need filling. Recruitment Consultants are responsible for shortlisting candidates with the right skills, qualifications and experience to be successful in the given role. They source candidates for casual, short term or long term employment across a range of industries, from permanent office jobs to temporary cover in warehouses and other industries. Recruitment Consultants strive to develop lasting relationships with their clients to ensure continued business opportunities.

Recruitment Consultant skills and qualifications

Recruitment Consultants require expert knowledge of recruitment processes with sales, communication and interpersonal skills. Recruitment Consultants need to be goal orientated and focused on targets to succeed in the role. A successful Recruitment Consultant candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that can include:

  • Up to date knowledge of employment law, including discrimination and gender equality laws
  • Up to date knowledge of employment documentation, including P45s and employment contracts
  • Ability to negotiate favourable contracts between the recruitment agency, employers and employees
  • Knowledge of job hunting websites and the best places to post job advertisements
  • Ability to source new business leads before developing opportunities
  • Ability to sell the benefits of a company or job to a potential applicant
  • Ability to sell the skills and expertise of a candidate to a potential employer
  • Ability to use databases, including spreadsheets

Recruitment Consultant experience requirements

Recruitment Consultants require at least two years of experience working in a sales or customer-facing role. Employers can prioritise candidates with proven experience exceeding sales targets and developing business relationships, even if it’s not directly related to recruitment. Employers can also prioritise candidates who have worked in human resources roles, such as Administrative Assistant or a Payroll Assistant. Senior Recruitment Consultants require at least three years of experience gained from working in the recruitment sector, ideally in a leadership role.

Recruitment Consultant education and training requirements

Recruitment Consultants need strong GCSE’s and A-level results in English and maths as an essential requirement. Usually, employers look for candidates with degree-level education. For general recruitment agencies, employers look for the candidate’s attitude and character instead of a degree. They also value strong results, which demonstrate an aptitude for hard work and learning. Employers can also consider applicants without formal education who have gained experience in sales through on the job training. Recruitment Consultants employed in specific niches, such as engineering recruitment or recruitment for pharmacies, often need a degree in that subject.

Recruitment Consultant salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Recruitment Consultant is £24,047 per year. Salary may be dependent on experience, location and company.

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Recruitment Consultant job description FAQs

What makes a good Recruitment Consultant job description?

An excellent Recruitment Consultant job description explains the different industries and types of jobs that the agency is specialised in recruiting for. It helps to include any benefits that candidates can expect to gain from the role, including commissions, bonuses for hitting targets and opportunities for developing skills or gaining qualifications.

Do Recruitment Consultants have different duties and responsibilities in different industries?

Recruitment Consultants have the same responsibilities across different industries. For example, if a Recruitment Consultant is working in the medical industry or for events management, their primary responsibility is to recruit high-quality applicants. Day-to-day duties can vary across industries and across agencies. For example, some roles are entirely office-based and focused on attracting candidates online while other roles can involve travelling across the country to recruit specific specialists.

What qualities should I look for in a Recruitment Consultant?

Recruitment Consultants need to be confident and outgoing. Candidates should have a friendly and likeable personality as they will be building relationships with both employers and job seekers. The ability to work well under pressure and as part of a wider sales and recruitment team is desirable too.

Job Description Examples

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