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Regional Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Regional Manager, or Regional Director oversees multiple commercial establishments within a specified region. Their primary duties include hiring and training Store Managers, meeting corporate sales targets and creating a positive working environment for each store in their region.

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Regional Manager duties and responsibilities

Regional Managers are masters at multi-tasking and knowing how to prioritise tasks. Their job often requires a lot of traveling. Generally, their main responsibilities include:

  • Creating a comprehensive recruiting and training programme for Store Managers
  • Addressing any lapses in compliance with corporate policies or local laws
  • Helping develop sales strategies and setting corporate sales targets
  • Creating profits and loss reports for Senior Managers
  • Supporting Store Managers and acting as a resource
  • Immediately addressing any lapses in compliance with corporate policies or local/national laws
  • Monitoring the performance of teams and motivating them to reach targets
  • Keeping up to date with competitors
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Regional Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Regional Manager do?

Regional Managers are in charge of supervising a number of a company’s stores within a specified region. They travel between these stores to oversee daily operations, administer necessary training and handle any problems that may occur. They must be exemplary representatives of a company’s policies and mission, while also being the Spokesperson for the general employees. Liaising between the corporate world and lower-level employees they ensure all communications and operations between stores run smoothly.

Regional Manager skills and qualifications

A Regional Manager should be able to self motivate, as they will deal with different stores, localities and specific problem areas. A Successful Regional Manager candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications including excellent communication and leadership skills. Other helpful skills include:

  • Strong interpersonal and negotiating skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • Flexibility and openness to change
  • Ability to generate profits in multiple sales locations
  • Business management skills
  • The ability to take the initiative
  • The ability to create and run strong training programmes

Regional Manager experience requirements

A strong background in sales, customer service and management is typically necessary for all Regional Manager positions. For most companies, this is not considered an entry-level job, and applicants must have at least one year of experience as a Sales Manager. Most employers consider management experience, market knowledge and track record of more importance than academic qualifications. Some candidates may have a background in designing or manufacturing the product being sold in lieu of a sales background.

Regional Manager education and training requirements

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in one of the following subjects is needed for this position: sales and marketing management, business management or retail marketing. After formal schooling, people usually receive on-the-job experience through a Trainee Manager position or complete a higher level apprenticeship in sales. They can also receive additional qualifications through the Institute of Sales Management in areas like Operational Sales Planning or Managing a Sales Team. Some companies that sell unique scientific or engineering equipment will require applicants to have qualifications in that field.

Regional Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Regional Manager is £45,004 per year. Salary may be dependent on experience, location and company.

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Regional Manager job description FAQs

How can you make your Regional Manager job description stand out?

A Regional Manager will interact with many people within the organisation, so it’s important to highlight the company culture and working environment that they will experience on a daily basis. Focus on competitive elements like training and progression opportunities, company car, pension scheme, discount on products, flexible working and anything else that sets the company apart from similar organisations.

Do Regional Manager's have different responsibilities in different industries?

A Regional Manager’s tasks will remain similar through most industries — liasing between corporate and the employees, motivating stores to meet sales targets and handing any problems that arise within a store. The responsibilities will change depending on the type of sales the store is involved with. A store that sells electric appliances will have different policies and protocols than a grocery store. Also, different companies will have different requirements and responsibilities for their stores. A Regional Manager must be as familiar with the industry as they are with the job specifications.

Who reports to a Regional Manager?

All Managers within a region will report to a Regional Manager. Depending on the size of the company and location of the region, this could be quite a large number of Managers. An applicant must have a clear plan on how they will monitor and converse with the Managers within their region, perhaps through weekly meetings or daily online check-ins. They must show a clear understanding of how to efficiently motivate and manage a large number of employees in the region.

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