Sales Support Specialist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Sales Support Specialist, or Sales Operations Specialist, helps customers through the sales process. Their duties include answering customer queries, delivering after-sales information and updating customer records.


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Sales Support Specialist duties and responsibilities

Sales Support Specialists guide customers through every step of a sale and help resolve issues or concerns that customers may have. Other duties and responsibilities of a Sales Support Specialist may include:

  • Answering questions from prospective customers about online purchase process
  • Tracking orders and investigating shipping delays for customers waiting on products
  • Answering questions from existing customers with faulty or unwanted products
  • Processing customer sales, refunds and returns
  • Performing data entry duties with regards to sales figures, metrics and other key data
  • Reporting unusual activity to supervisors 
  • Updating customer records with new contact details and notes on support interactions
  • Referring complex cases to Sales Support Manager
  • Making follow-up contact to inform customers of new or improved products


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What does a Sales Support Specialist do?

Sales Support Specialists provide specific information about the company’s products, materials or services. They’re the direct link between a company and its previous and new customers. They provide troubleshooting information, analyse and report customers’ needs and information, check customer accounts and issue billing details. They answer customer sales queries over the telephone, via web chat and sometimes face-to-face. 


Sales Support Specialist skills and qualifications

A successful Sales Support Specialist candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Customer service skills for pleasant and productive customer interactions
  • Written and verbal communication skills for clear interactions with customers and Sales Support Supervisor
  • Computer literacy, including confident use of customer relationship management software, Salesforce and Microsoft Office applications
  • Data entry skills for accurately updating customer records
  • Organisation skills for managing different customer cases simultaneously
  • Conflict resolution skills for dealing with challenging customer cases
  • In-depth knowledge of sales process and business products
  • Fluency in other languages 


Sales Support Specialist experience requirements

Businesses usually prefer candidates with several years of experience in sales support and customer service. Experience in the same industry is also advantageous for example, IT businesses may prefer candidates who have worked in the IT sector before, even if if it was not in a sales support role. However, Sales Support Specialists can succeed without any of this experience.


Sales Support Specialist education and training requirements

The educational requirements for Sales Support Specialists depend on the role. Some businesses hire Sales Support Specialists without a degree, especially if they have relevant experience. Other businesses require at least a bachelor’s degree. This requirement is most common in technical industries, such as pharmaceuticals and technology. Industry-relevant degrees are preferred. Sales Support Specialists receive on-the-job training. This training teaches them about the business’ sales support procedures and products, and especially benefits entry-level Sales Support Specialists.


Sales Support Specialist salary expectations

While there isn’t specific salary information for Sales Support Specialists on Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Sales Specialist is £32,873 per year . A Sales Support Specialist’s experience, education, industry and location will all impact their salary.


Job description samples for similar positions

Several sales roles use the same skills Sales Support Specialists require. If this job description sample wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, consider these related professions:


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Sales Support Specialist job description FAQs


Why should you hire Sales Support Specialists?

Sales Support Specialists take over sales responsibilities from Sales Representatives once prospective customers decide they are ready to buy. Without this added responsibility, Sales Representatives can focus on generating more leads. When Sales Representatives focus on lead generation, businesses are more likely to maximise their profits.


Who does a Sales Support Specialist report to?

Sales Support Specialists report to a Sales Support Manager. The Sales Support Manager helps Sales Support Specialists answer complex inquires and manage challenging customers. They also supervise their Sales Support Specialists to maximise productivity. Sales Support Managers also report on their team’s progress. Sales Support Managers are often involved with hiring new Sales Support Specialists.


What qualities do successful Sales Support Specialists have?

Successful Sales Support Specialists are pleasant, friendly people who enjoy interacting with others. Their natural charisma leaves a positive impression on the customers they interact with. When customers feel good about the support they receive, they are more likely to become loyal to a business. They are also empathetic people who genuinely care about their customers. This characteristic motivates them to deliver the best support they can. Successful Sales Support Specialists also pay attention to details. This quality makes sure customer cases are always resolved in a timely fashion.


How can you make your Sales Support Specialist job description stand out?

Speak directly to people reading your job description. Use the word “you” rather than a more generic term like “the successful candidate.” This approach will make your company seem more human and approachable. Place the job title in your heading, this will appear prominently in search results. Use bullet points to make your requirements and preferences stand out. State any unique benefits and aspects of your corporate culture to make your company stand out.

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