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Scheduler Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Scheduler, or Patient Scheduler arranges appointments between patients and Physicians in a medical facility. Their duties include scheduling a patient’s appointment, greeting patients at the facility and organising the medical team’s calendar.

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Scheduler duties and responsibilities

A Scheduler is responsible for the logistical side of patient-Doctor appointments. They have a range of administrative tasks to undertake daily, their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Answering the phone, replying to emails and communicating with patients
  • Making patients feel comfortable and welcome when they first arrive at the medical facility before directing them to the correct ward or room
  • Providing accurate and up-to-date information on timings and dates to both patients and medical staff
  • Providing a caring service to patients who might be nervous or worried before an appointment
  • Prioritising urgent appointments over non-urgent appointments
  • Moving appointments around to fit the calendar of Doctors or Nurses and then notifying patients of any changes
  • Reminding patients by phone or email that they have an appointment coming up in the next few days
  • Updating records, databases and calendars after appointments have been made or met
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Scheduler Job Description Examples:

What does a Scheduler do?

A Scheduler facilitates the day-to-day bookings of patients that need to see medical professionals. They are the first point of contact between patients and medical professionals. A Scheduler also performs many administrative and logistical duties. They schedule new appointments around existing appointments and other meetings or events the Doctor or Nurse needs to make that day.

Scheduler skills and qualifications

A Scheduler needs to have excellent administrative and organisational skills. Customer service skills alongside the ability to communicate accurately and in a timely manner are also essential. A successful Scheduler candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Communication skills to accurately convey important information over the phone, in person or via email to patients and medical staff
  • Professionalism to communicate in a polite and professional manner
  • Ability to quickly resolve scheduling and logistics conflicts
  • Basic knowledge of health care terminology and practices
  • Ability to accurately input data into spreadsheets such as Excel
  • Knowledge of other computer programs such as Word

Scheduler experience requirements

A successful Scheduler must have experience working with computer programs and experience communicating over the phone, even if they have no direct experience booking appointments or organising logistics.

An ideal candidate should have previous experience working in an administrative role such as a Receptionist or Administrative Assistant, if it’s in a medical capacity such as a Doctor’s surgery or a clinic, it will be even more relevant. Experience in a Receptionist role at a hotel or as an Administrative Assistant in a busy office, demonstrates valuable transferable skills.

Scheduler education and training requirements

A Scheduler needs to have excellent results in English, IT and maths at GCSE level. Strong A-levels in English and maths are desirable, or strong results in a practical college course. Candidates can demonstrate the right administrative experience and knowledge by earning a Level 1 Certificate in Business and Administration or a Level 2 Diploma in Reception Operation and Services.

Scheduler salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Scheduler in the UK is £21,387 per year. Salary is dependent on experience, location and company.

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Scheduler job description FAQs

Who does a Scheduler report to?

A Scheduler often reports to a Manager within their department. This could be a Senior Scheduler or a Senior Receptionist, for instance. Schedulers also need to regularly report into medical staff at the facility where they work, such as the Doctor or Nurse, to ensure smooth communication.

What makes for a great Scheduler job description?

A great Scheduler job description accurately conveys the necessary experience and qualifications that a candidate needs to be successful. If entry-level candidates are being accepted, this must be explicitly mentioned to encourage a wider pool of applicants who might not have direct administrative experience or experience working in a medical environment, but who still have the necessary skills and personality to succeed as a Scheduler.

What is the difference between a Scheduler and a Coordinator?

A Scheduler is concerned with the administrative needs of a medical facility, whereas a Coordinator is in charge of organising large events. A Coordinator will have many similar duties and responsibilities, but the events they organise span across a wide range of industries, not just medical.

Do Schedulers have different responsibilities in different industries?

Schedulers can be found in different industries for example there are Logistical Schedulers who work outside the medical field. Logistical Schedulers work in industries such as transportation, retail or manufacturing. Their responsibility is to organise transportation, arrange meetings with suppliers and coordinate deliveries.

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