Shipping Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Shipping Coordinator, or Warehouse Manager, prepares invoices for customers and informs courier companies about the most efficient shipping routes. Their duties include issuing routing information and shipping instructions to ensure correct and timely deliveries, preparing quotes for customers and negotiating fees with couriers. 


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Shipping Coordinator duties and responsibilities 

The primary responsibilities of a Shipping Coordinator are monitoring and keeping records of the shipped and received goods in a company. Additional key duties and responsibilities of Shipping Coordinators are: 

  • Managing the relationships between shipping merchants and traders and negotiating freight charges 
  • Liaising between clients and shipping companies to resolve any complaints 
  • Preparing shipping quotes for customers and sales reports for the sales management 
  • Supervising the loading and unloading of shipping vessels and executing stevedoring activities 
  • Coordinating warehouse staff to enable effective land-based product shipping 
  • Reviewing orders and processing order changes, returns and cancellations 
  • Determining the most efficient methods of shipping and routes for courier services 
  • Scheduling loads and processing shipping paperwork 


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Shipping Coordinator Job Description Examples:

What does a Shipping Coordinator do? 

Shipping Coordinators oversee the packaging and transportation of goods to the appropriate buyers. They typically work in warehouse offices where they communicate instructions to their crews, plan shipping routes based on the customers’ shipping needs and ensure successful transfer of goods. 

Shipping Coordinators keep records of the products received and shipped from the company. They can also pack goods in shipping containers and develop a shipping list and mailing labels. Shipping Coordinators are responsible for executing all inbound and outbound shipping services and ensuring that orders are filled correctly.


Shipping Coordinator skills and qualifications 

Successful Shipping Coordinators have thorough attention to details They multitask easily without omitting important information. Other skills and qualifications that successful Shipping Coordinators possess include: 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to present information clearly and concisely 
  • Sound understanding of commercial and retail enterprises and their functioning 
  • Excellent organisation, accounting and data analysis skills 
  • Attention to detail and good reasoning skills to spot errors quickly and report them to relevant staff
  • Ability to prepare reports that reflect on findings and recommendations on strategic plans 
  • Customer-oriented mindset and excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Strong negotiation and leadership skills and the ability to lead others 
  • Proficiency with industry-standard computer packages such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and Quickbooks 


Shipping Coordinator experience requirements

Most employers typically require Shipping Coordinator job applicants to possess at least three years of experience as Cashiers, Material Handlers, Shipping Coordinators or in other customer-focused roles. Candidates with ample experience in retail management, e-commerce or the shipping industry are often preferred. They also need proven experience in managing a commercial enterprise, performing basic accounting and running logistic management. 


Shipping Coordinator education and training requirements

A Shipping Coordinator needs a bachelor’s degree in business management, logistics or other related fields. Some employers may hire candidates with A-level GCSEs, but they need post-secondary training and experience to qualify. Applicants must also have an in-depth understanding of industry software such as supply chain management, barcode labelling and enterprise resource planning. 


Shipping Coordinator salary expectations 

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Shipping Coordinator is £24,497 per year, but may depend on factors like experience, education, location and company. 


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Shipping Coordinator job description FAQs


What's the difference between a Shipping Coordinator and Shipping Manager?

The main difference is that Shipping Coordinators are only responsible for export logistics and execution of shipping services, whilst Shipping Managers can order supplies, track orders and lead and manage staff. Their ultimate duty is to ensure timely, accurate and secure shipping of products. 


What should you look for in a Shipping Coordinator CV?

A good Shipping Coordinator CV must be easy to read and navigate. Begin by reading the professional summary to find out how the candidate intends to benefit your organisation. The work experience section should ideally have at least three previous working experiences and duties performed in each. Look for candidates who performed similar duties to those in your organisation.


What makes a Shipping Coordinator job description stand out?

Good Shipping Coordinator job descriptions are clear and concise. They must go into details about the duties and responsibilities of your employees to ensure that candidates can get a good idea about the positions they are applying for. Make sure to mention specific requirements, and include any special instructions on how candidates should apply. 


Who does a Shipping Coordinator report to?

Shipping Coordinators typically report to Shipping Supervisors, who ensure that all regulations and company policies are followed. Shipping Coordinators can also report to the sales team about inventory shortages and problems. 

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