Social Media Intern Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Social Media Intern, or Digital Media Intern is a trainee working to gain experience managing an organisation’s social media platforms. Their primary duties include writing posts and crafting captions, creating social media campaigns and performing research for the social media team. 


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Social Media Intern duties and responsibilities

Social Media Interns perform a wide range of duties, including administrative tasks, depending on the hiring organisation’s requirements. These tasks will all be carried out under the supervision of a more senior staff member. Some of their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Writing social media posts and captions and updating the social media pages
  • Responding to customer feedback and maintaining communications online
  • Creating social media campaigns to increase engagement and target new audiences
  • Creating graphic and visual content for dissemination on social media pages
  • Carrying out research for team projects 
  • Sharing related content from partner brands and organisations with their social media audience
  • Analysing social media numbers regularly 
  • Preparing periodic reports for review by a supervisor


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Social Media Intern Job Description Examples:

What does a Social Media Intern do?

A Social Media Intern handles social media communications for an organisation. They are employed as part of an internship programme to gain practical experience working with various social media platforms. These programmes can last for a few weeks or up to a year. Social Media Interns work under the supervision of a Social Media Manager and carry out different tasks as assigned to them. They may be required to collaborate with other teams to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Social Media Interns may work full time or part time. They typically work in an office environment and carry out most of their duties seated at a computer.


Social Media Intern skills and qualifications

Social Media Intern must be internet savvy. They must also have good interpersonal and marketing skills. A successful Social Media Intern candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications necessary to perform their duties effectively, these include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • In-depth understanding of social media platforms and scheduling tools
  • Creativity 
  • Attention to detail and excellent organisation skills
  • Customer service skills


Social Media Intern experience requirements

Typically, a Social Media Intern requires some experience working with various social media platforms. However, experience gained during a relevant degree program will come in handy. A strong background in media communications, copywriting and visual design could be useful to a Social Media Intern. Previous experience in growing a social media following is key. Volunteer work is also a plus. Other experience requirements vary based on the length of the internship, the hiring organisation and other factors.


Social media Intern education and training requirements

A Social Media Intern should be a recent graduate of a media and communications, media studies, mass communication or related degree programs. They could also be in their second year of university. Some employers accept Social Media Interns who don’t have a degree, but have completed an apprenticeship in digital marketing or digital community management. 

Relevant Social Media Intern training programs include a Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing or Professional Digital Marketing issued by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Level 5 Professional Certificate from the Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM) and the Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting from IDM.


Social Media Intern salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Social Media Intern in the UK is £9.95 per hour. Salary varies based on the hiring company, industry, geographical location of the business and the applicant’s level of experience. 


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Social Media Intern job description FAQS


Who does a Social Media Intern Report to?

A Social Media Intern typically reports to a Senior Social Media Manager or the Head of Digital Media.


What is the difference between a Social Media Intern and an Assistant Social Media Manager?

While both roles are for entry-level professionals, there are a few differences between a Social Media Intern and an Assistant Social Media Manager. Unlike a Social Media Intern, an Assistant Social Media Manager may be a full-time or part-time employee, while Social Media Interns are contract workers who are employed to work for a finite period, often only a few weeks to a year. A Social Media Intern may be assigned to work with an Assistant Social Media Manager on their team.


What should I look out for in a Social Media Intern CV?

Look out for the relevant training requirements, including courses and certifications. Also, note candidates who are willing to learn and hardworking. This will be evident in any volunteer experience and through awards received at school.

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