Software Engineer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Software Engineer, or Software Developer, creates computer programmes. Their primary duties include coding, identifying and fixing bugs and recommending programme developments.


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Software Engineer duties and responsibilities

Software Engineers complete several tasks during their workdays. Duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the employer or area of speciality. However, they typically include:

  • Analysing client and user requirements
  • Writing code that creates new programs that satisfy requirements
  • Writing code that develops existing programs to add features or make them more efficient
  • Testing code and making adjustments until programs work reliably as required
  • Identifying and correcting program bugs
  • Writing technical specifications and instructions in collaboration with Technical Writers
  • Recommending new programs and technologies to clients and supervisors


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Software Engineer Job Description Examples:


Example 1

Reporting To: Software Development Director Experience Level: 10+ years with 3+ years in native cloud development Contract: Permanent Salary: £70,000+ (depending on experience) Location: London Bridge, London We are recruiting for a new highly experienced and talented individual to manage our entire software development team. The role is focused on leading Noetica's efforts of re-engineering our technology from the ground up over the coming years into a native pure cloud new generation of our software solutions. 10+ years' experience, with at least 3+ years' experience with AWS or MS Azure Preferably holds one or more expert level certifications in AWS or MS Azure Evidence of recent leadership and transformation experience. Working knowledge with AGILE development, SCRUM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Expertise in modern programming languages - at least one of c#, Java, JavaScript/Typescript. Hands on experience with modern DevOps practices - automation, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous integration methodologies. Interpersonal, people management and well-developed communication skills are of great value as are wider management and motivational skills, with the ability to adjust style and approach to maximise communication between the team members and wider Noetica departments. To apply, please email [email address] or No agencies please.

Example 2

First Derivatives plc is a global leader in consulting, business services and technology. We are the home for diverse thinkers and innovators. We know that our people are vital to our success and we are proud of the diverse and vibrant team we have built across the globe. We are committed to hiring top talent, creating an environment where they can thrive, and recognizing and rewarding their dedication as they progress within the company. To meet the growing demand for our technology and services, we are currently recruiting for our Graduate Options Programme. Options Program – Software Engineer: The Software Engineering role is a unique opportunity for highly technical graduates with an interest in cutting-edge technology and the capital markets sector. Those chosen for this stream will help us develop our world-leading Kx Technology or go work as a Software Engineer at our client sites around the world. Graduates must be keen to continuously develop their skillset both technically and financially, whilst also being able to communicate effectively with other members of a small team and the end-user, often a trader. Those selected for this role will embark on an exciting career that combines technical prowess with business insight and commercial acumen. Successful candidates will be exposed to the latest technologies, including the market-leading kdb+ database and q analytics language, machine learning applications and more. What we look for: An inquisitive mindset, an aptitude for problem solving and technical skills to combine them Excellent communication skills to present findings and articulate their business benefits Strong academic background – ideally a 2.1 degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business, Law or other similar disciplines. Experience with Java, C/C++ and/or UNIX is beneficial but not essential Willingness to travel to various parts of the world to work with clients Commitment to the 2 year training period, which rolls into a full-time permanent position Working for FD: At FD, you will embark upon a career with life-long learning at its core, facilitating rapid professional and personal development and the opportunity to design your own path. We support a variety of external training courses and accreditations and are truly passionate about our Mentor Program, through which our senior colleagues generously set aside personal time to coach and support others in their career progression. We are delighted to have several active internal networks, social committees, and charity initiatives, designed with the intention of meeting the holistic needs of our employees and giving back to our communities. Our employees are rewarded with numerous benefits as part of their employment, including: Competitive Salary Extensive Health Care Package Pension plan Employee Assistance Programme Annual leave increasing with service Group Life Protection Benefit Training opportunities FD Internal Network and Sports & Social Calendar Who are we? First Derivatives plc (FD) is a leading software and services company, with world-leading intellectual property in ultra-high-performance analytics (KX) across industries, and extensive domain expertise and capabilities in capital markets systems and technology (managed services and consulting). KX KX technology is designed to capture and analyze data to make real-time decisions in a world where data volumes generated by markets and machines are increasing exponentially, and existing technologies fail due to technological or commercial limitations. KX is widely adopted throughout the financial industry and is poised for accelerated growth across high-tech manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, utilities, and telecommunications. First Derivative First Derivative provides a range of managed services and consulting worldwide to its clients in the capital markets sector, including many of the world’s leading banks, focused on supporting systems as well as helping them to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Example 3

At OKKO, we develop smartphone software to protect sight. We monitor eye health away from hospital clinics so that doctors can concentrate their in-person time on those most in need, and so that patients are in control with early identification of any problems that arise. We believe that clever data holds the key to early diagnosis and the protection of a populations’ sight. We will continue to work to eliminate avoidable blindness and to give those who live with eye disease hands-on control and an easier experience through life. Now that OKKO is growing, it's time for us to recruit a brilliant senior software developer who will free up our CTO to concentrate on business strategy. We're looking for someone to lead on the non-mobile-app side of our technology, being responsible for the web-app and server development and API integrations. As such, you'll need to be able to join our Bristol office two days per week. We're looking for someone who is mission-driven like us, someone hard-working and passionate about creating a seamless product experience for the patients and the eye doctors who use our tech. We're a deeply curious bunch and always exploring new ways of doing things better - it's important that you too are a self-starter, a passionate self-learner and that you believe you can build a better world through tech. Ultimately, we work for patients and are driven by what they need. We balance the innovative and creative with safety, and so our medical device product needs the diligence of code, of testing and of documentation that the medical industry requires. It's important that you have a good attention to detail and that you appreciate that we can't iterate everything on the fly. We're a deeply curious bunch and the person we're looking for will be a self-starter, full of initiative and always keen to learn and to bring in best practices from across the software industry. Please feel free to reach out to Girish@okkohealth for more information. Have a little listen about the patient who inspired the work behind OKKO: *** NO Recruiters Please *** Outcomes * Building seamless technology with efficient and elegant codebase. * Building tech that makes the lives of patients and eye doctors much easier and safer - protecting the sight of millions of people in the years ahead. * Being a core part of the innovative product team at an early stage medical startup, responsible for web-app, server and API performance. Responsibilities * Taking the lead on code development. * Write well-formulated, testable, and readable code using appropriate software design patterns. * Design, build and maintain APIs, microservices, and data pipelines. * Define and oversee the delivery of technical requirements of OKKO’s launch product. * Ensure all technical documentation meets ISO 13485 including technical risk management documentation. * Developing to national and international digital health standards, driving top data privacy and data security and interoperability. * Provide sound decision-making for software engineering and product development while conscious of cost and time constraints of the startup. Capabilities / Requirement * Ability to thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment with uncertainty in product roadmap. * Comfortable using data science libraries such as pandas and numpy. * Experience building out RESTful APIs for front-end clients to consume. * Experience working in an agile development environment and using agile tools. * Experience with managing data and associated data security. * Experience in Linux cloud environments and can do basic DevOps. * Ability to think both tactically and strategically. * Conscientious to meet regulatory requirements and associated documentation. Desirable * Experience in building health technology. * Medical Devices sector development expertise. * Experience in big data technologies like Spark, Hive, Hadoop. * Hands-on experience in implementing Deep learning models with textual data / time series data will be a great plus. * You’ve built something cool on your own because you enjoy doing what you do. Job Type: Full-time

What does a Software Engineer do?

Software Engineers code new computer programs and develop existing ones. Depending on their employer, they may work on computer games, business software or operating systems. Software Engineers create programs that are user-friendly and efficient. They constantly revise programs to make sure they serve customers better. They also correct bugs within their programs to boost reliability and performance. Software Engineers typically work within groups of IT specialists. They might collaborate with Analysts, Designers and Testers.


Software Engineer skills and qualifications

Software Engineers rely on a range of skills for their success. Businesses employing new Software Engineers look for candidates with the following skills:

  • Fluency in common programming languages including C++, Java and Python
  • Technical understanding of front-end web technologies, operating systems and platforms
  • Verbal and written communication, especially making complex concepts more accessible
  • Diagnostic skills for identifying why programs that do not meet requirements and how to improve them
  • Problem-solving for improving programs and resolving bugs


Software Engineer experience requirements

People can become Junior Software Engineers after graduating from university. These courses give students experience working with coding languages and web technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Many university courses also have work placements. Placements give students practical experience working in business environments.

Junior Software Engineers must have several years of professional experience before getting a senior role. MANY companies employing Senior Software Engineers prefer candidates who have experience leading IT teams and using a variety of coding languages and technologies.


Software Engineer education and training requirements

Software Engineers generally need at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline. Degrees in computer science, computer software, computer systems engineering and information systems are the most beneficial. Employers may also consider candidates with degrees in electronics, mathematics or physics. They may also consider candidates with non-technical degrees if they have good technical knowledge. Many large companies require candidates to have a 2:1 degree or above in a computing-related field. Some employers may also consider hiring Software Engineers with Higher National Diplomas in computer-related subjects, instead of a degree.

Enroling in a postgraduate IT conversion or technical postgraduate course can give candidates with non-computer-related degrees more relevant skills. Software Engineers must enrol in professional development courses throughout their careers to understand new technologies.


Software Engineer salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Software Engineer is £43,064 per year. Salary may vary according to experience, location, employer and area of specialty.


Job description samples for similar positions

The skills and duties of Software Engineers overlap with several other technical roles. Similar positions include:


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Software Engineer job description FAQs


What is the difference between a Software Engineer and a Software Developer?

Software Engineers and Software Developers are both involved with the design and creation of computer programs. However, there are slight differences between their roles. Software Engineers focus on design through a program’s entire lifecycle. They are involved with program planning and its ongoing development. The Software Engineer will constantly refine their designs to meet a client’s needs. Software Developers however, have a narrower focus on the software and coding required to meet client needs.


What qualities make a good Software Engineer?

Software Engineers have a meticulous, organised approach to their work, this helps them produce accurate and efficient codes. Their attention to detail ensures their code is error-free and satisfies all aspects of client briefs. They should be able to work productively alone or with a team. Software Engineers must also have a natural enthusiasm for technology. This interest drives them to learn new programming languages and trends.


What are the different types of Software Engineer?

There are two main types of Software Engineers: Systems Software Engineers and Application Software Engineers. Systems Software Engineers work on operating systems. These are programmes that manage computers or devices. Application Software Engineers work on programs that help users perform specific tasks. Application Software Engineers may work on computer games and record-keeping software. There are also several subcategories of Software Engineer. For example, a Database Application Software Engineer works exclusively on database programs.

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